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BH 51
2 daughters, 14 and 16
Filed for divorce 12/23/2020

After a year of hell I finally moved out (5/26/2021).
Divorce still pending.

Finally grey rock

I am close to divorce.

I've been tortured for about a year. Lied to, deceived, and manipulated the entire 12 month period.

I did the pick me dance for almost the entire time.

I've been emotionally abused.

I'm a shell of my former self. I'm 40 pounds lighter than I was a year ago.

I went pain shopping this week and found out my STBXWW never stopped communicating with AP the entire time. This includes time spent in marriage counseling.

I have finally gone grey rock.

STBXWW now claims that I'm the bad guy because of the hostile environment I've created by going grey rock. It is absolutely maddening. I've also heard her apologize to other people for the toxic environment that I created...get it? The toxic environment that I created. I was stabbed in the back in the worst possible way and me trying to pull the knife out and spraying blood everywhere is the real problem.

To add insult to injury...when I was pain shopping I saw that my STBXWW told one of her friends that I told STBXWW "I will destroy you." I NEVER said that and never will. It's like saying "do you know who I am?" I just would never say something like that. I'm the type of person who sees things very black and white legally. If anything I would have said "I'm taking everything I am entitled to under CT's divorce laws." Very simple and true. But "i will destroy you?" C'mon man!

She continues to play the victim. It's driving me crazy...I'm going to lose it.

Good news is final divorce date looks like May 18th and closing on the new house is May 27. 13 months later I will finally be out of infidelity.

(Pain shopping = I looked at her phone).

259 comments posted: Wednesday, May 5th, 2021

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