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Do i say something?

So at work i have to deal with these three ladies weekly as part of my job. Two of the women are quite a bit older than me but the other woman is my age who i will refer to as S. I will say over the years i have developed a close friendship with these ladies and will go over to them when im slow to hang out and chat. S and i are (were) both married and our marriages and spouses have come up over the years but it was always positive fun stories of our weekends. I havent told her about the divorce and im not sure if theyve noticed i havent been bringing my marriage up anymore.

Recently S has started complaining about her husband to me. Nothing big or viscious and not continously, just little things here and there, but there are plenty of stories here where this was the start of the slippery slope. I always encourage her to talk to him about it. While i know me, i am worried that she may say something similar to a man with ill.intentions whod have no problem seeing how far he could push such sentiments.

To complicate things one of the older ladies is certain that S has a crush on me and has unfortunatly shared this with some of my coworkers. They have started giving me shit about it and now are saying through their own interactions with S they agree that she has something for me. My coworkers are rowdy and espouse all sorts of lewd fantasies that S has of me. I have been fierce and absolute in shutting this down and stating we both view each other as friends and there is nothing going on but they insist theyre rifht and also shit never stays silent here for long

My question is do i bring this up to S? Not necessarily the lewd stuff but her starting to feel comfortable enough with me to complain abiut her marrisge? Do i share my own tale of being cheated on and encourage her to discuss her grievances with her husband, or is that assuming too much? Should i just leave it, secure in the knowledge i wont pursue anything and shes safe to vent to me. Do i bring up the rumours so she knows whats being said and can act accordingly? I do have to see her weekly for work and also i really dont have any intention of limiting contact with someone ive developed a close friendship with but should i reconsider? I am a happy care free kind of person and have no experience navigating workplace drama like this. Thanks

13 comments posted: Wednesday, March 24th, 2021

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