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When does it stop hurting?

You can see from all my post I've been put through the ringer. A little back story. Found out last year my husband was talking to another woman. When I found out he said it was nothing but talking. We said we would work it out and he would stop talking to her. Fast forward almost a year later the OW reaches out to me stating they have had an ongoing affair for about a year. Physical for 4 months. Went to just talking cause we had moved very far away. I said I would work on it. We went to therapy for 3 months. He said he was sorry. I really thought this could possibly make us stronger. After 3 months I find out that was not his first affair. He had a ONS before and was still talking to the woman. So I left. I couldn't do it anymore. He has done this to me 3 times. I dont have it in me anymore. He has been so cruel to me. So hurtful!

So we are separated. Living 17hrs apart. I got my own place and started a great new job. I moved closer to my family. Which are extremely supportive. We have no kids so we don't have anything between us. Thank God!

There is nothing at this point that would make me go back. So why do I miss him? Why do I still cry? Why do I still want to talk to him? When will all this stop? When is it best to start moving on? We are just kinda waiting till the beginning of the year to assess everything, but its looking like divorce. He is still sending me messages asking me to come back. Telling me how much he is going to change and what a great husband he is going to be.

I just wish I could snap my fingers and him and all this go away. Its not fair I've been put through so much and it won't stop!

Please any help would be greatly appreciated!

16 comments posted: Thursday, October 1st, 2020

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