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My divorce nightmare

Hi all πŸ’• it’s been a while since I have posted but here goes!!!!

So I started divorce proceedings against my exH in January after separating last feb (he left to be with his OW). Since this he has become so callous and nasty towards me. My terms of my divorce are I want to claim some of his pension and stay in my house for 3 years until I qualify from university and am in a position to possibly buy him out of the marital home! However, he is now living with OW and wants me to sell NOW. Not only this, he has lumped a 9k credit card debt (all his) into the divorce, wants me to pay all surveyor / property sale fees. Also, when we bought our home my ex in laws gifted us with a 10k sum to use as a down payment / deposit on our home, we have this in writing and have a document signed by them stating that the money was a gift, however, my exH now wants this money back when we sell our home. I cannot stop crying, this man who I loved and had an affair, broke my world up is being so horrible towards me and I have no strength to keep fighting him. Can anyone please offer any advice sad

6 comments posted: Friday, September 3rd, 2021

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