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BH 60, WW #2 D'd after 6month EA who scammed her out of our life savings WW #1 51 since remairred twice continues to cheat even today WW #2 Refuses to admit she wrecked our marriage DD adult 33 DSD adult 34 DSS adult 31

EA leading to divorce

In June, my wife and had a conversation where I was given an ultimatum..."change or we're getting a divorce." What I didn't know at the time was that she was in the early stages of an emotional affair with someone posing as Val Kilmer.

In early July, this imposter asked her to marry him. She evidently (I came to understand this through comments made in Dec 2020) accepted. So her ultimatum was basically her decision to seek out this guy and leave me.

Since I had decided what she wanted me to change about myself was a central part of my personality, I decided, F it, I'm not gonna do it. late Oct, when our lease on the house we're renting came due, she talked me into renewing the lease (it's a bit more than I can afford solo, but since she's "disabled" she does have a small income) she talked me into renewing the lease. Personally, I'd have not done so, and rented a cheaper place to live. Be that as it may, I'm stuck in a lease, I can barely afford...

So, all through November, she makes plans to fly to Dallas, TX, where Val Kilmer evidently owns a house and this guy is purported to be staying, but is constantly told no, not this time, how about this date. Finally, on December 17, she flies to Dallas...but no one shows up to the airport to pick her up. She spends the next three weeks camping out in DFW airport, eventually flying to LA "to be with her soulmate"

Just after she flew to Dallas, I discover the complete destruction she's accomplished on our finances. Over the past 3 years, because I'd worked in Aviation,as a master cabinetmaker, we'd managed to save $45k for a down payment on a house. Additonally, we had $2k in checking, $3k in savings, as well as her disabilty back pay, about $8k.

She sent this guy, ever cent we had...almost $60k! During this time, I started looking on OLD sites because, well, we're getting a divorce and she's gong to marry a "movie star"...I, in my own way, have arrived at indifference towards my STBXW.

After a month away, she shows back up to the house and demands that I allow her back in, that since we're still married I have to do this. (she'd already let herself in, so it's not like I really had a choice).

So, since she's wandered back and started playing house as if nothing had happened. I'm done. I've filed the no contest divorce papers she left with me, signed and notorized, so we're not going to be married in the very near future. On Valentine's day I have to call for a court date for the final order. I don't think she really thinks I'll go through with it...I will, there is no turning back. I refuse to be anyone's Plan B...

Which leads to me the fact that I've met someone else, a wonderful woman who is everything I've ever hoped, I get a fresh start. and after the divorce is final, I get to evict her since she's not on the lease as a resident (that was her choice).

SO, not every affair ends well. I'm broke, and struggling, but my new GF is wonderful and going to move up to Savannah from Miami so we can explore a life together!

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