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BW 39 WH 45 D-day 1/20/2017 6-7 years of emotional disloyalty, 3 years of SA online behavior and A seeking. So far we suck at R. —I consider it a challenge before the whole human race

Need help interpreting time stamp and other things in json file

Last night I came across a file in a backup I was surprised to find. When I first started investigating after d-day, I didn’t know what I was doing so when I tried to do a google takeout it tipped him off and he got in before me and wiped his history. You know they think because we don’t know things that we’re incapable of figuring them out, at the time he was lying and I was in such shock, I think he assumed there wouldn’t be a threat and forgot about the backup. He knows better now, but... he forgot about the backup. So I airdropped the location history file to myself.

The coordinates are obvious, But what I don’t know is how to translate the time stamps and what all the rest of that crap means like “confidence” and “accuracy.” One of my biggest doubts since d-day has been over strange locations that show up and he swears that it’s wrong. I know that’s possible, I’ve seen it happen with my own phone, but I don’t know how common, as it doesn’t seem to happen anywhere near as frequently with mine as it did his. Here’s a sample copy and pasted of some of the text. This will be exactly from the file except the coordinates x’ed out so I don’t tell the whole internet exactly where I am. Any insight would be appreciated.

WS is very good at what he does for a living, to the degree that he has been able to triple his salary over the last decade. Even with what I’ve picked up over the last three years, there is no way I’d ever be able to know what his technological capabilities are, and this has been a huge factor (not as big as his continuing entitled attitude, however) in my difficulty trusting him. My WS literally has skills listed on his resume like “detection evasion,” “vulnerability exploitation,” “threat hunting and neutralization” among others. He only got caught before because he was lazy, and cocky. So this could either be remnants of that mistake or proof that he really has nothing further to hide.

"timestampMs" : "1412086700777",

"latitudeE7" : xxxxxxxxxx,

"longitudeE7" : xxxxxxxxxx,

"accuracy" : 24,

"activitys" : [ {

"timestampMs" : "1412086667810",

"activities" : [ {

"type" : "still",

"confidence" : 43

}, {

"type" : "inVehicle",

"confidence" : 29

}, {

"type" : "unknown",

"confidence" : 21

}, {

"type" : "onBicycle",

"confidence" : 8

2 comments posted: Wednesday, September 16th, 2020

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