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Dream About My Son

I haven't posted in a long time, so for those who don't know my background: I learned my wife of 33 years had been having affairs on and off for 28 of those years with many men. She had been caught twice. The second time we went for counseling, she was embarrassed by confessing her deeds to a couple of our pastoral staff (trying to find help in the situation), and she saw how much she hurt me. However, all that did was make her better at covering her tracks. 20+ years later, I found she was trying to get back with BF #1 (3rd time found out) and the dam breaks as I learn how deep the well really is. I wanted to tell the children who were all over 16, she did not. All I wanted to tell them was that Mommy had a boyfriend, and that cannot be allowed in a relationship, that we are going to work on staying together, but there would be no guarantees. She asked me to wait a little longer, but between the request any my answer to agree, she went and told them.

A couple of years later, my oldest son and his wife have their first child and at that time my son changes his last name to his wife's maiden name, she changes her name back, and the child has the in-laws' last name. My son said he did it because that family taught him how to live life better. He also said in a different conversation that he was ashamed of me, that I needed to get some help, and until I do so I am not welcome in his home. He never calls me anymore and rarely responds to texts.

He went from high school directly into the Marines and I was very proud of him. He scored 1 point shy of a perfect score on his placement test, so he's very bright. He was a great kid, and as far as I know I've never done anything to hurt him. Rather, I've encouraged him to follow his own path in life.

I had a dream about him the other night which bothers me. His legs were of a normal, healthy Marine, but separated and turned outward. His knees were bent so his thighs were touching his lower legs. His torso was that of a midget, and that part of him was so short he head was at about the top of his knees. He walked like a spider, and he was naked.

I don't recall much more of the dream other than introducing him to someone "at the party" as my son, and my son was quite friendly toward the person, though I was a bit embarrassed.

I know what I think this dream means, but I want to hear from others which may be more in tune with dream interpretations than I am, for I am merely speculating.

16 comments posted: Wednesday, May 11th, 2022

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