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Sahm and paying for divorce

I am looking into lawyer but I am worried about the cost.

I am a SAHM. I do work part time for the last 2 years (well did until

Covid hit and I needed to put my notice in to stay home with the kids)

My question is this. I know this is not going to be a easy or pretty divorce so is it possible to have a good attorney and have the stbx pay the fees? Or will I have to front the money upfront?

Is it possible for us to both have the same attorney (pending he is not the ass I am assuming he is going to be)

I know these are questions for a consult meeting however we have tracking on our phones so for me to go have a meeting is slightly hard at the moment(, god forbid I miss a call from him he goes on I am cheating on him mode)

9 comments posted: Wednesday, November 18th, 2020

Should have taken the advice two years ago

The first time I posted here almost 2 years ago was advice I should have taken.

However I gave my H the Benefit of the doubt. After lots of trickled truth, gaslighting, and more d-days over the last 2 years. I though I finally saw it click as to what could be lost. Theropy, meds, and trying (so I though) made me feel like we can get through this.

Then today I just stumbled upon what will be yet another d-day. Why not just confess a slip up? Instead hide it even deeper?

Why is it so hard to be honest? Yes, truth hurts sometimes but when a line is drawn and layed out why repeat a behavior knowing it could end a marriage?

Stumbled across this since we share a location I can also see recent downloads. Aug 1 he downloaded a ‘Torch meet new people’ app,

Three days ago downloaded app ‘whisper share, express meet‘ app and two apps to hide photos and apps.

God I feel like a idiot I was getting my ducks in a row then covid hit, and I saw a change that I though was positive. Nope, he just dug the secrets deeper. Thank god I continued with school so I can land a good paying job quick..

Top it off my birthday is tomorrow.. makes me 1 year closer to 40 and yet again mending a broken heart. This time not confronting till I am 100% ready and able to walk out.

Fake smiles here!

Yes I am hurt but I am and will be OK.

Now, it is my kids I worry about, they are at the age where they will get it but not fully get it..

18 comments posted: Thursday, October 29th, 2020

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