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One of the hardest things to do in life is letting go of what you thought was real. Married 4/2018 D-Day #1- 8/2018 D-Day #2- 1/2019 DD#3 October 2019 Me: 38 BW, I am broken Him: 47 WH, sex addict/sexting/escorts: lie & deny everything! Gasl

Best tips for Detective mode

It may help some of you, so I’ll list my best tips and you guys list your own. I have found things out using not so obvious methods- things that ended up meaning a great deal to me.

- I checked his Waze history (doesn’t confirm a trip, but definitely was insightful for me)

- checked google maps search bar, again...does not confirm a trip but good info anyway

- his Uber history was important for me, this confirms trips with dates and times

- any unknown addresses were searched through whatever public court records or property appraiser website to see the owner

- using street view I could see cars and sometimes people at the addresses I didn’t know: some were places that I knew about (work locations, dr offices, restaurants he told me about)

- on iPhones there is a deleted tab for voicemails: great info there!!!

- deleted photos folder on iPhone

- Settings on iPhone- go to the battery, there’s last 24 hrs and last 10 days- choose ‘show activity’ and it will tell you how many minutes were spent on each app- even if they delete the app, it’ll show a blank box and tell you the minutes

- I knew his cell phone code but not his login bank info so I made my fingerprint secondary and that way I could log into his bank stuff using the fingerprint

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