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Driver's Permit

So my daughter is fifteen and is set to start a driver's education course and receive her driving permit. I personally think she is not emotionally mature enough to have such responsibilities but my wife disagrees. My daughter is very impulsive and while she has made great strides over the past few years with impulse control and making smart decisions, I do worry about her using haver her license in the next year as a way to act cool. She has self-esteem issues and is easily influenced by others. While I agree that we can still maintain control by not getting her a car, and only allowing her to use ours at our discretion, and a lot can happen in a year when she can get her full license, I can't help but feel like postponing would be the best option. Any advice?

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Love is a Choice by Lynn G. Robbins

My wife picked up this book and wants me to read it with her. Has anyone heard of it? Is it recommended?

She has been reading a lot on her own, and doing a lot of digging. The last book she brought to me to read was the 5 love languages which I found useful.

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