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Why do WH have such low emotional IQs?

We were reading a dear Abby where a woman’s husband was lusting after a young neighbor lady. I asked my husband why did he think the wife was upset about it. Here is his answer… Because it’s not socially acceptable.????? It really bothered me that what he thought the wife’s concern was was her husband panting after an attractive neighbor lady was that it wasn’t socially acceptable! But oh my God how do you think that made the woman feel? He says maybe she was sad. UGG

10 comments posted: Friday, June 3rd, 2022

Too much info alert but.. what do you think?

My husband of now just short of 40 years was medically impotent for 21 years due to prostrate cancer. Well, when he went to Vietnam the sight of young prostitutes fawning over him made him think he could once again perform. So he went to get happy endings. I have stayed for various reasons but it makes me sick to think I willing was celibate in respect to him all these years and his last sexual experience was with someone like that. I think he should make an effort to try something one last time with me. He claims they laughed at him because he couldn’t do anything.

3 comments posted: Saturday, March 26th, 2022

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