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Me- BW Him - WH M - 18 yrs, DDay 1 - Jan 2018 ( 18 month EA/online sex, no physical contact) DDay 2 - April (Confessed to a 2 year PA)

Nearly 3 years out and utter confusion

Not entirely sure why I am posting but I’ve nobody else to talk to.

My husband had a 2 year affair with a work colleague. I knew something was wrong for most of the affair but didn’t believe he would ever physically cheat. I thought he had put an end to it Jan 2018 after I caught him on a lie. He confessed to sexting and a video call. In April 2018 I found he was still in contact and threw him out. He confessed everything the next day.

Since then he has tried to fix things. He is mostly patient and I can see his remorse is true. We had HB for about 18 months and felt we were making great progress.

We are expats and moved to a new country about 18 months ago which has bought extra challenges along with Covid etc and numerous other things colliding at once.

I’m weary and confused.

This is a man I loved with all my heart and I genuinely felt we were making progress.

But I’m finding myself torn. I can’t imagine him not being a part of my life. But i’m Putting up walls, not talking because I’m weary of talking. I find myself feeling less attracted to him recently but I still picture our future together.

I utterly hate the chaos that has been bought to my life.

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Nearly 3 years out and utter confusion

Duplicate post

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