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Advice for figuring out cause of sneezing attacks not caused by allergies - anyone?

Anyone else develop sneezing fits later in life. I've always had seasonal allergies and sneezed here and there, but in my 50s I started with sneezing "attacks" that go on sometimes for only 1 minute with 5-10 sneezes and then some last 3-4 minutes with sneezing every 5-15 seconds. TMI - not an ideal situation for a woman who's had kids that has anything in their bladder.

Before the 1st sneeze, my nose doesn't seem irritated as it would with allergies. I take a daily allergy med pill (24 hr non-drowsy pills and I've tried several types) but nothing has changed - I still get the attacks. Sometimes once a day, sometimes I skip a day or two.

I've heard of sunlight triggering sneezing - nope that doesn't match when it happens most of the time.

My doctor just said there's nothing to do except take allergy medication. Not helping at all.

Anyone else have this and find a solution? Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

5 comments posted: Wednesday, November 16th, 2022

Different titles on a certificate - ugh

I just went in to renew my US license and get a Real ID. My name isn't the same as my birth certificate, so I brought the only piece of paper I got after getting married - a "Certificate of Marriage Registration". I'm not living anywhere near the same State in the US that I got married in, so that probably played into the situation I just had. All of the people in the DL office and the mailing I got about renewing and Real ID wanted me to have a document that was titled "Certified Marriage License". We had a "license" and it was permission to get married. The "Registration" document says when it was and that it is "on-the-books". Different terminology, but you wouldn't believe the hassle they gave me that it wasn't a document that their state issued with that certain wording.

Has anyone else been given grief about the title of the certified documents that they use (for anything)?

I'm going to be advising my daughters not to bother changing their names if they get married. Too much hassle in this day and age.

3 comments posted: Tuesday, November 8th, 2022

Have you read this older book "Boundaries in Marriage" by Cloud & Townsend?

Found an older book at a sale and wanted to know if anyone has read through it. Titled "Boundaries in Marriage: Understanding the Choices that Make or Break Loving Relationships" by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend.

I don't usually browse through the huge quantities of books at estate sales, but something drew me over to this small area and to this book. Same for when I found "Love and Limerence" by Dorothy Tennov - a few years ago I randomly stopped by a yard sale and then looked through the books. Strange how this happens. I've begun reading it and will try to update this post.

1 comment posted: Thursday, October 13th, 2022

Older car's computer played April Fool's Day joke

I have an older car that we keep around, as a spare car & to haul things in the large rear part.

Well, I needed to run a quick errand, not too far away and chose to take it. Bad idea on April Fool's Day.

On the way back home from where I needed to go and about 2 miles from the house, sitting at a red light, I realized I was hungry, thirsty, needed to pee and that my cell phone needed to be charged. Of course that it when I also noticed the check engine light come on.

Wait. What? I just had it into the repair shop recently to do some major work!!! Really car? At least the same repair shop was about 1/2 mile from that light. The shop looked at it and apparently the car's computer had a glitch. They were able to test the engine component and then reset the computer. Took less than 15 minutes.

At least it ended well. Got back home ok without breaking down. No light again. This car has broken down over the years, at the most inopportune times, with kids in tow, much further from home. I'm going through some other stresses today and I did not need this tacked onto my day. rolleyes
edited to remove some details

4 comments posted: Friday, April 1st, 2022

Thoughts and prayers please - not for me

Yesterday there was an accident involving a few of my DD teammates at college. It was an atv rollover. The one girl that had a head injury now has no brain function and is on a ventilator. She was just a freshman. She got to play in a game last week. Her family lives a few states away and they have made it to her bedside.

Please send your thoughts and prayers out to this family, her teammates and coaching staff at college, the new friends she made at college this past month, as well as everyone else who's life she touched. Grief counselors have been brought into the college earlier today. Many of the students and teammates are far from home.

Thank you.

5 comments posted: Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Mod please

1 comment posted: Sunday, July 11th, 2021

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