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Finally divorcing

I haven't been here in a while.

I'm filing for divorce but because he's so vindictive I may leave with less.

Besides being unfaithful he has been very abusive..all forms but has threatened me that his friends will kill me

On Wednesday night he took my phone and said he thought it was his. He was gone an hour and I'm worried he may have done something with it.

I don't trust this man. He's very vindictive and scares the shit out of Me.

In the past he has said he is going to give me nothing and then followed up with you'll see.

I have been isolated and he has all money in his name.

My son is going out of town for a week and I'm scared to stay with him alone. My gut tells me he's going to do something to me then.

I'm scared of leaving him because he said if I leave something bad is going to happen. When asked what he'll see.

I have night terrors and PTSD severely. When ever I try to speak he tells me to shutup.

If I try to get what is mine in divorce he's going to make my life he'll.

I'm broken and my self esteem is at a all time low.

Any support would be helpful.

His vindictiveness is terrifying me

12 comments posted: Monday, December 26th, 2022

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