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Facebook Glitch

Heads up to anyone who is checking the AP's Facebook page.

Facebook had a technical glitch today..anyone's page that you check on, they automatically send them a friend request from you.

And,anyone who is looking at your page, you will get a request from them.

Supposedly it's been fixed. I'm too scared to test that! laugh laugh

6 comments posted: Saturday, May 13th, 2023


Many of us believe she is in extreme danger. She hasn't posted in over 2 weeks. Can you tell us if she has visited the site lately? Please?

12 comments posted: Friday, November 11th, 2022

Women dont understand..Vent

Quite often, a BH will tell us silly BW that we just don't understand the following...

The hit to the ego. look

The hit to self esteem.

The hit to self respect.

How deeply being cheated on affects us in the bedroom. rolleyes

How much it hurts to know your spouse shared their body with someone else.

How much it hurts that the WS spouse got into great shape for someone else.

How humiliating it is to have been cheated on. duh

The gut wreching pain of knowing your spouse said they loved someone else.

Blah blah,fucking blah.

This,and so much more has been said,ad nauseam over the years,on these forums.We are told we don't understand,and that men have it SO MUCH worse,after being betrayed. THOSE men who feel this way..

I'd like to ask just how do you think a BW feels? And please don't say you don't know how we feel because you aren't a woman.. laugh laugh ..
save it. You certainly seem to know how we DON'T feel. So how do you think we DO feel? How do you think infidelity affects us?


0 comment posted: Thursday, February 24th, 2022

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