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Snapchat - anything I can do with this info.?

While snooping for the email account he uses for his hotel rewards, I came across an email from Snapchat stating his account has been set up and his username. He set it up right around the time I calculated that his A began. It also happened to be the day before we went out of town for a weekend trip - what I thought was a happy, fun, romantic weekend.

Anyway, the name is a completely made up first and last name with a number at the end. I googled the name and there doesn't seem to be any significance to it whatsoever, just a random, somewhat common name.

What can I do with this information? I have a laptop at work (not for work) that he doesn't know about and I could download Snapchat there so I assume he wouldn't know. Can I find out anything if I look him up on Snapchat? If I send him a snap (with a made-up account name) could he trace it back to me? Any ideas/suggestions welcome! Thanks!

2 comments posted: Friday, June 9th, 2017

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