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Divorce Coach, did you use one?

Good morning,

Please let me know if you used a divorce coach and if you would recommend one.

Every week his emotions are all over the place. I am getting very nervous and upset. Last week he was cutting me and kids off financially. "We would have an EPIC, EPIC EPIC divorce" "YOU lit the fuse".

Today that conversation last week occurred because I had a tone about going to my Moms.

"Things are going to go well as long as Glasses is nice". Plus other odd conversations.

This is not a matter of two people getting a divorce and saying how horrible the other person is. I have spent twenty years catering to his mood swings and I am feeling very nervous.

I do have a wonderful IC

Thank you!

5 comments posted: Monday, April 4th, 2022

Filing for divorce/ important question.

It’s been a while since I posted on SI. I am divorcing. It has been 5.5 years since his affair. I have spent the majority of this time I therapy. He has spent 0 other than 3-4 sessions of marriage counseling.

His behavior has continued to get more volatile.

I want to keep this as concise as possible. I have done an excellent job of covering, soothing, hiding what happens in my home.

My question is Do you have any experience with listing physical abuse, verbal abuse towards spouse and children in petition? I have one picture of a bruise. Physical abuse is not often perhaps 4-6 times in the course of the marriage. He has been physical with my teen children since November. His behavior is amping up.

I told him I am filing for divorce. I practiced with My therapist for weeks. It went rather smoothly. He has (for him) been okay. He is purchasing a house can’t move into it until mid May.

I live in a state with long term separation required by law.

I have spent twenty years smoothing things over. Pretending, and hiding the truth from myself and others. Currently, I have an amazing support system.

Abuse is my word against his. I have never left or reported. And no one cares about verbal abuse which is way worse.

I felt in my situation life with him having the kids 50/50 would have been worse. Kids are all teens. As of right now he wants nothing to do with kids. Nothing. "I am their mother and an excellent mother".

I know he is a rubber band and he will snap. I truly thought he would cause me physical harm when I told him about coming divorce. He is calm and pointing out how easy he is to do with accounts not drained, peaceful, amicable.

I know if that petition has abuse listed. All the peace goes away. Remember it’s a year separation. I am extremely nervous and do not know what to do. Friends and family say it must be listed. He is master manipulator. No one things he can keep up this peacefulness. (Sprinkled in with his crazy/verbal abuse.

He is a rubber band and he will snap as always.

15 comments posted: Sunday, March 27th, 2022

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