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I reside on the wayward side of the street....

a lot of bad juju

hi all
I don't post a lot but still read most days, I find it helpful to remind myself of where I've been and what I am capable of - kind of like AA.

but.....has anyone noticed:
1. how many folk are here recently with very long ago infidelity and now occurring again? shocked although not sure why I'm shocked...
2. while I agree all waywards have perpetrated awful behaviour some of the ones lately have me seriously wondering about us - telling your betrayed you are enjoying hurting them? and keeping written documentation for several years about how much we despise our spouse (I'm trying not to be specific here and will probably get in trouble sorry mods) - I mean who the hell does this? This just feels like a whole new level of awfulness and for those going through it - I feel so sorry.

Anyway - something that resonated with me that was written in JFO or reconciling was (my paraphrasing):
'I was tending the garden of my marriage but now I'm wondering if i was just tending weeds....'?

I hope we are all tending a wonderful lush productive garden (even post infidelity, however that looks for you) gave me pause to have a look at what I was bringing to the table even these years later with my BS - so thank you whoever posted it.

16 comments posted: Wednesday, February 9th, 2022

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