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Advanced data on Safari on ipad

Hi guys

I casually decided to look at my husbands advanced data on his ipad as he clears his history meticulously and regularly, partly because if I check on open pages I can see a fair few Safari blank pages (which having tested on my ipad seems to mean private browsing) --but in his case he has not swiped up to remove all traces)

On advanced data I found several ok websites showing 68kb-- (news ones) and 2 dodgy looking Cam sites showing 0. I tested this on mine and both these sites if private browsing was used register in advanced data as 0, (i thought it didnt retain cookies or history if private browsing was used) looks like it did here in this case. If I look at these sites on my ipad in non private browsing , they register at 32kb and can be deleted out of advanced data ok. In his ipads case they show as zero and no amount of 'delete all website data' (in advanced section) will remove them. Checking settings,it shows as acccept cookies only from current page. Are these cookies because he was looking at these sites in private browsing (and for whatever reason they appear to be super cookies that just wont budge) or could they possibly be pop ups?? because he looked at another more regular porn site? I was under the impression that pop ups just dont appear in advanced data on safari, so see no other way for these to be here, apart from him looking at them--especially as settings set to cookies from current page only. He knows my feelings about those kind of porn sites and has always said he isnt interested, although I know that he looks at regular porn very occasionally , usually when away from home and has been open about that . Anyone who is techy and understands what Im talking about , would appreciate your help.

4 comments posted: Wednesday, October 11th, 2017

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