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Resilience by Rick Hanson, Ph.D.

I'm reading the book by Rick Hanson on Resilience, a book I HIGHLY recommend it to all of us on SI because many of us show grit, a key quality of resilience. So are compassion, gratitude, CONFIDENCE (what I'm most working on right now), mindfulness, intimacy, generosity, courage and a few others. Especially if we are rebuilding, whether ourselves or our Ms if in R, I would argue many of us are examples of resilience

I'll stick my neck out a little here, but I think that's where we BSs shine. Because most of us were resilient BEFORE DDay, unlike our WSs who often were weak in a number of these qualities and went after false solutions because of that. But all of us, whatever our life story, can use reminders of how to be more resilient and THRIVE. Which is why I think the book is so very very helpful to anyone, but especially those overcoming betrayals, difficulties or traumas. Many of the people posting in R show us their resilience in their posts, and it has helped me know we can get through all the betrayals and pain and come out better, more resilient, HAPPY, THRIVING people, whether BS or WS.

I must admit I'm proud to feel pretty resilient myself; I chose my screen name the day after DDay1 when I discovered SI and am happy to report the 'hurt' part is fading as I go through another round of A season at 18+ months out. Thank YOU SI!!!

1 comment posted: Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

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