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The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

WH has been recommended this book by the IC he has seen once so far. (As he works away a lot, there's a month or so between the first and second session.)

WH has read some of it and suggested we discuss the bits he found interesting/useful so far, which seem to revolve around avoiding things becoming an argument. After reading the synopsis of this book it seems to me that it concentrates on strategies for a couple to use in order to deal with stress, work, children, etc. Well, we have never ever before had big disagreements on anything, until his A was coming to light. The problems we are having now are solely caused by his A, other inappropriate behavior, and 20 years of lies and TT. I actually feel offended that he isn't reading something to assist with that, and is instead looking at how we should communicate better.

Is it worth me discussing/reading this book with him, bearing all that in mind, or will it just piss me off?!? Thanks for any opinions.

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Anyone able to help with Ashley Madison?

I know I can't post links here, but have two links found on WHs internet history a while back. I am hoping someone more knowledgeable about AM would be able to take a look and see if they are from a search/within the site, as suspected.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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If a google account has been deleted

But was used on a dating site, would this still be searchable on the dating site?

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Secret emails

Two months since dday in which an old affair was finally admitted after I got confirmation from the AP. There have been a few things since which he has totally denied (although he totally denied everything unless had evidence) such as deleted emails and evidence of use of an account I was unaware he used (linked to Microsoft gaming, which was how I found it), all while away on deployment. Links to female dating profiles on his laptop history, etc. He's apparently v remorseful etc, but has been lying to me all of our married life, and before, so... Have spy apps on his phone and laptop since a week after dday, although he knows about them. I have access on my phone to the one email account he says he has. But I'm damn sure he's ahead of me in the sneaky game.

Anyway. Was filling in an email subscription form in my email, and it gave me auto fill suggestions. Including two emails which I have never seen or heard of before. They must have been entered somewhere to have been captured and suggested. It's definitely not by me. How can I find out if these are secret emails of his? I can access his phone/laptop in the evenings.

4 comments posted: Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

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