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Together 8 years. Dday #1 3-18-16 Dday #2 3-21-16 It is almost 3 years since D-day. And I am Not better. I am not over it. I am not back the way I was. I am still So broken. So lost. So hurt. I still can't understand why he was so horrible

Needing a low price PI in Houston area

Hello, I live in the Houston, Texas. My FWBF is fighting for custody of his son from the OW. Because the OW's new BF beat the baby on more than one occasion. And the OW defended the BF and lied for him.

Anyways, long story short, we need a low priced PI to follow OW to see if she ever spends any time with the POS new BF while she has her visits with the OC. This is against the court order, and dangerous for the baby. Is anyone can recommend someone I would really appreciate it. Please PM me. Thank you so much.

5 comments posted: Saturday, June 9th, 2018

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