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Very strange question

But I am honestly wondering.

Does a man see a woman eating a banana and immediately think of sex? Is it inappropriate for me to eat a banana at work? I honestly feel lecherous vibes from men when I eat a banana (which I frequently do, it's my breakfast) but feel zero weird vibes from women.

Am I inviting weird sexual thoughts by eating a banana in front of men? Do these men think I WANT their sexual attention when I eat a banana? (Ugh!!!! My worst fear.) Should I even care what they think?

As I ate a banana for breakfast this morning, I accidentally met eyes with a coworker as he looked at me. (I normally try to eat my banana when nobody is around.) The look on his face grossed me out and stuck with me all day.

I do not know how to feel about my banana habit. Am I naively inviting sexual attention? Can anyone relate, or am I overthinking this?

I am self-conscious about eating bananas, and I'm resentful that I am self-conscious about eating bananas. I'm embarrassed to be posting this topic, but I really want to know if certain foods invite sexual attention. And if so, whose fault is that? Grrrr.

Ice cream cones.



Can any women relate to feeling self-conscious with certain foods?

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