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Me: BS
Him: WH (serial)
Three kids
DD: Nov 2015 (and so much trickle truth that I would be listing a month a DDays)
Sep: Dec 2016

Long distance..... Covid lockdown... its over

It’s been four years this year since my xwh left.

There been lots of dating. I’ve been with my current partner since January.

It’s long distance - one hour flight or 1000 kms ... we met when he was in town on holiday.

Due to covid one directional lockdowns I’ve had to do all the travel since march as he wasn’t allowed to come to me. That’s me flying to him.

10 days ago that lockdown changed to bi directional so we can’t see each other. First anxiety attacks since my xwh infidelity.

He’s taken this latest lockdown to raise our distance problem and is calling it because the immediate issue is we can’t see each other and there no date on resolution. Long term we both have children and he has a business and he can’t see how we can make it work.

Has anybody else done this? How did you make it work?

I’m currently devastated. First person I’ve actually loved since Xwh. Honestly I thought we were goi g to be long term. There was nothing wrong with our relationship .... we had never even had one fight or argument.

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7 comments posted: Saturday, August 15th, 2020

Widows / Widowers ... dating advice

Questions for widows / widowers or perhaps someone that’s dated one...

How long and how did you learn to make room for someone new in your life? We’re you swept up in the passion for someone new that allowed you to make room for the new partner or did the new relationship need time to make that space?

8 comments posted: Friday, November 15th, 2019

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