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Married for 19.5 years to a sex addict. Filed for divorce 4/15/2020. Freedom July 22, 2020!

Any book recommendations for when the ex remarries?

I heard from my oldest daughter yesterday that my ex is planning to propose to his girlfriend of two months. The older kiddos don't like her at all, and aren't fans of her kids either. For the last couple of months my 8 year old has been routinely acting like he doesn't want to go to his Dad's when it's time for his parenting time. This behavior may or may not be related, but it's an interesting coincidence at the very least. So, I feel like this might be a difficult change for them. I'm looking for books for ME to read to help me know how to help them mentally and emotionally, support them, and be their rock during this adjustment (IF she says yes!)

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I might be being spied on

Cross posted since not everyone has access to the Investigative Tips forum.

Long story, but I have a male friend, let's call him Mark, who is also recently divorced. His ex wife (let's call her Cathy) is CRAZY. Well, she found out that I am friends with Mark and sent me a fb message basically telling me to knock it off. We are just friends and I don't want any of her drama so I ignored her. Big mistake. The next day she called MY ex and told him that Mark and I were talking before our divorces were final. That's true but for F's sake, JUST FRIENDS.

Anyway, my ex told me that Mark told Cathy that I told him that my ex is a sex addict and that I'm on antidepressants. I did tell him these things. He swears up and down he didn't tell her. He also told me some things in confidence that he DEFINITELY doesn't want me to tell her. So to betray my confidence would be pretty stupid.

Here's the options:

A: He is lying and he did tell her.

B: My sister in law could be relaying information back to my ex. She and I were friends before we were ever married and are still friends. But I have to consider that anything is possible.

C: My phone could be bugged.

D: My car could be or was bugged.

I need to try to eliminate each of these possibilities. I could just reset my phone to factory settings and if there is a spy app on it that would get it off but I wouldn't know for sure if there ever was one.

If he had a recording device in my car, I am pretty sure he has it now since this stuff just came up. If he did, I think I know where he put it so I will keep an eye on that spot.

I need to think of something to tell my sister in law that I said to Mark (like a lie, not actually something I said to him) and see if it gets back around to my ex. If it does, then I'll know it was her. Any ideas?

Also, I need to tell Mark something, probably using Fb messenger on my computer, and then immediately delete it so my phone doesn't see it. If that gets back around to my ex then I'll know he is repeating stuff to his ex.

Any thoughts at all? I have been looking all through my phone. If I look at all of the apps, including system apps, there are over 500. I don't have time to search every one of those to see if they are a spy app.

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Does anyone here have a tinder account and could see if my wh is on it? Or know how i could find out without making an account myself?

2 comments posted: Sunday, February 23rd, 2020

Retrive deleted text messages iPhone?

Is there any way to retrieve deleted text messages from an iphone without knowing the password? I can get into the phone but I don't know the password for the apple id. It's a work phone (non government; small business).

8 comments posted: Saturday, January 25th, 2020

Vpn icon

I downloaded the accountable2you app on sawh phone. Its an iphone. I hid the icon of the app in a folder with other icons in it. He most likely wont notice it. The problem is the app wants me to set up a vpn. If i activate if, it shows a vpn icon on the status bar. That he will notice. I dont think there is any way to hide that, but i figured i would ask. It remains to be seen if the app still works without it but i didnt have time to check and i wont until tuesday.

0 comment posted: Sunday, June 16th, 2019

Keylogger for iphone?

I rarely but sometimes have access. I have the apple id. But not the pw. It is a work phone, not government. I need to know if he is using the private browser so i figured a keylogger would be the way to go.

3 comments posted: Saturday, May 11th, 2019

Phone call?

Can someone make a phone call for me? I want to make sure my husband is calling who he says he is.

1 comment posted: Thursday, December 14th, 2017

Website for finding addresses

There is a website called family tree now. I checked it out using my name, and sure enough, it knew my current address and my two most recent ones in addition to family memebers, etc.

2 comments posted: Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

Anyone live near marble falls, burnet, or kingsland texas?


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Find someone's cell number?

Any tips on how to find someone's cell number? I only have a name and her husbands name.

2 comments posted: Monday, January 9th, 2017

App that records background noise

I need an app for galaxy s7 that will record background noise (conversations). I used to use theonespy but it used too much data. It was unreal. I can't spend a ton on money or wh will know something is up. It doesn't have to be voice activated, it could be remotely activated when I need it to record.

3 comments posted: Monday, January 9th, 2017

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