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Me-BH 50
The Princess-WW 47
Married 23 years
2 DDs 14 and 11
1st DDday June 1998 - 2.5 year PA
2nd DDay April 2015 - 3 month PA
False R for 13 months the A never ended, just deep underground.
Divorced 8-31-2017

Now I'm appreciated?

I got this from my xww, aka "the princess" yesterday.

Thank you for all that you do for the girls and all that you make possible for them. I want you to know that you are appreciated everyday. Happy Father's Day!

WTH? As if I wouldn't take care and provide for my DD's. Keep in mind she doesn't contribute to either child's college costs, car, insurance, rent, etc.. She has the funds to contribute, she chooses not to (big D settlement). My DD'S KNOW THIS and they constantly tell me how much they appreciate what I do for them.

I have taken care of and provided for DD'S FOR 22 and 18 years respectively. And for the princess for 22 years, most of which she was a SAHM. I did and continue to take pride in taking care of my family!

It's only now that she blew up the M and assclown married his other wifetress that she appreciates me.

Since my DD's were born, I have been a hands on dad. Taking them by myself on trips so the princess could get some rest (I travelfor work, so I get my sleep during the week and especially on the weekends wanted to give her a break). I changed diapers, fed, read books, sang songs, danced in the kitchen, played with them, did homework, bathed them, and taught them to cook. But now that I have been paying the big bills, now I am finally appreciated? shocked

No real question here, more of a vent. I'm glad she sent it late so it didn't put me in a bad mood while I was spending the day with DD2. Has anyone else gotten stupid statements from their XS?

2 comments posted: Tuesday, June 18th, 2024

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