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Me-BH 50
The Princess-WW 47
Married 23 years
2 DDs 14 and 11
1st DDday June 1998 - 2.5 year PA
2nd DDay April 2015 - 3 month PA
False R for 13 months the A never ended, just deep underground.
Divorced 8-31-2017

Even the pets sufffer!

Hello all, it's been awhile since I have posted and really need to vent. Today, I have to deal with yet another shit sandwich due to the XWW's cheating. In August, I will be an empty nester. Since I travel weekly, I now have to figure out what to do with my 14yo furbaby. She has been going back and forth to XWW while DDs were here and now they are both in college. XWW won't take her because she doesn't want to pay the extra fee for her apartment to keep her. So now I have to figure something out. My first choice is that she stay here. I am selling my house to my next door neighbor's Daughter and SIL. Their kids adore her. Then possibly I could get her on the days I am home. My second plan is to take her to my sisters home 2 states away. DDs and I would rarely get to see her, but she would be well cared for. The idea of having to board her every week makes me sick. They are not just pets, but a part of the family. Cheaters NEVER think about all the destruction they cause, even to our pets!

3 comments posted: Tuesday, July 18th, 2023

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