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Albatross Ex H blasted me on FB

Monday the 23rd of December 2019

I’m not friends with him on FB but we have mutual friends who are. Last Monday I received texts from well meaning friends that the EX posted a comment on FB about me. Bad enough he made a comment a few days prior that his mom “ turned” on him as he is dealing with depression. Of course he got a lot of sympathy comments.

In his post about me, he wrote I agreed to store his personal belongings till I moved, I disposed of his dead father’s photos, that I refuse to give him back a mixer sound board for him to be a sound engineer at a dive bar. Then he went on how he bought me creature comforts along with other gifts because he loves me. A few friends who knows both he and I defended me because he wrote lies. Of course the “friends” who do not know EX that well came to his defense.

Our divorce became final July 2018. We separated in 2016. When he was served divorce papers he didn’t contest it and never wrote back to the court property he wants. I was the one that stated he will take a crappy ukulele and keyboard. He pawned the ukulele and never made any attempts to grab his keyboard. At one point he said I could keep the keyboard. He took most of his belongings some of which is stored at a friend’s storage unit. Right before Thanksgiving that same friend came to my home to take/store more items that EX left.

In August 2018 he drove cross country to North Carolina with a lady who suffers from personality disorder, drug addiction and is a prostitute. She left him to be with other men. He made the choice to abandon his stuff.

One friend of his commented to take me to court. Others were “sending you light”. EX actually wrote that “dark forces are at work against” him and that my action to refuse to give him the mixer board is out of “spite and pure evil”.

During a period of reconciliation in March 2016 he “borrowed” our $1k canon camera to document his cross country journey to NC only to pawn that camera for $150. He also pawned his guitars and an electric bass.

Incidentally he is scheduled to serve 21 days in jail January 9. I know this because back in August he got arrested for a warrant from 2013 but mainly because he got caught driving without a driver license, stolen car plates from NC and possession of a meth pipe. The 21 days are for a cell phone while driving violation. Not sure how much time he will get for his other infractions.

Ive been tempted to clear my name of his lies but I’ve convinced myself to stay out of it because I like to think of myself as a woman with class. I could destroy him by exposing how he sexted strangers, did online dating during our marriage, racked up his mother’s credit card over $30k for his gambling/crack/meth addictions and more.


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