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Two profiles with diff age ranges

Question for the both the men and the ladies here.

Fellas, give me your take on a 55 year old guy with two dating site (same site) profiles, one looking for women 35-47, and one looking for women 48-56. (Pictures are younger on the profile looking for younger. Current pictures are on the other profile). He doesn’t lie about his age on either. Is this normal? Lazy? Player? Dumb ass? Idk what guys do on profiles so wanted to find out what you all thought.

I understand the younger women thing, but do these type not think women are going to see their other profile, and be turned off by this? Should we be turned off? Gives me the impression he really has no clue wth he wants, but maybe I’m naive and need to start my own 2nd profile. Lol. I also don’t see how he thinks younger women are going to meet him without current pics on there. Maybe he’s not looking to meet?

Ladies, what would be your reaction to this? I find that if I see a 50+ year old man with a range starting below 40, that I just hit that X... figure he’s not really looking for a full relationship, but I didn’t find the 2nd profile until 6 weeks in, so I’m kind of having cognitive dissonance of what I think I need to realize. But want opinions. Is this a RUN type of scenario?

We’ve been chatting for 6 weeks, just moved to telephone 2 weeks ago. , He’s been honest with everything he’s told me about himself (I validated it all through various means.... thank you Ex for giving me the gift of never trusting again), but it’s moving too slow for my liking (he’s a “one day at a time” person (aka Flag in my eyes) and my instincts are telling me something isn’t right. But if you are going to be a shyster, why tell the truth about everything so far about yourself. Maybe he’s been crushed and is afraid, but if that’s the case, I don’t want that either. So maybe I just answered my own questions. Idk if he’s crazy or I am. 😂. Anyhow, back to the question, in short are two profiles on the same site a red flag?

14 comments posted: Saturday, December 28th, 2019

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