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Me: WH 55 I lied to cover up my deceit. Her: BW 40's at D-day [BlueIris]M 25 years | 3 great kids

"A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once. - Shakespeare

Looking forward and back

On another topic of NC with AP, its been a long time and never think about AP’s, except writing this post.
D day + 7 years is approaching, and I look back and I’m more shocked and disgusted with myself.
BW and I are doing okay. My boundaries are very high, and I have surrounded myself with guy friends and I’m stronger than I was
Anyone else look back at your wayward self from a long time ago? What has changed the most?

13 comments posted: Monday, February 7th, 2022

Am I making a mistake?

So, 6 years past D-day, circumstances that are somewhat similar to our previous circumstances that led to my A. The old scenario was I had to take a job away from the house in order to insure a paycheck, health insurance. It was a 9 hour one way drive to get home. The other benefit was my Dad who was sick with emphysema lived closer to my "new job". It turns out he had cancer and passed away 7 weeks after I got there.

Then the string of bad decisions and poor morals led me to have an A, and betray my wife. We've been rebuilding our marriage, and are in a far better place. I love my wife more than ever.

Fast forward to now.

I've been offered a great job, my dream job at a national lab. It's only a 3 hour drive, my wife supports me and I'll need her a to get a job as we will have 2 households to support. Our kids are older, and she'll be down here in Georgia while I'm up north. In a few years she'll follow me up there, once our youngest is out of high school.

the scenario is better but I have concerns. If she can't get a job and the finances stress our marriage again. I know the signs from before, and much more wary of co-workers. No rooms for rent with any women involved. I have faith in my wife and truly believe we are stronger than ever.

Thoughts? Chase a dream job and go forth, or play it safe and stay home and always wonder. My wife supports either decision.

8 comments posted: Saturday, April 24th, 2021

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