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Me: 50 Him: 59Married 14 years, together 19.D-day: 3/6/14Me; loving, devoted, faithful wifeHim: lying, cheating, wh0re fu€king john6/4/15 - Divorced. Done. I wasn't kidding, asshole.

These Damn Nightmares

My ex-husband was very involved with prostitutes. D-Day was in 2014. Divorce was done in 2015.

Here I am, years later, and these nightmares about it all are still ruining me.

I have been ZERO contact with him for 6 years. I've been in a few relationships, but none that made me feel anything like the way I felt about my husband for the 19 years prior to discovery. I have ZERO ZERO desire to ever see/hear from my ex again.

But these damn dreams. Weekly. Sometimes more often. Always the same thing. He's with a whore. He's laughing at me. He's telling me he never loved me. I'm punching him. I'm killing whores. Ugh.

I realize that this is my mind trying to unravel things, or make sense of things. He never came clean about much, but I knew enough to know I had to divorce him. I no longer care about knowing any further details.

So... HOW TO MAKE THESE DREAMS STOP?? They often put me in a sour mood for hours after waking up.

4 comments posted: Wednesday, September 1st, 2021

Dreams… More like nightmares

So, I am more than six years out from D-day and my divorce.

This new life has been interesting, not great yet, but not horrible.

I gave my whore fucking ex-husband a chance or two at reconciliation, but he kept lying so I shut the door on that. We were together 20 years, but had no children together. Haven’t had any contact with him in many years.

I have ZERO desire to ever see that asshole again, but why do I see him in my dreams so often? Always pretty much the same dream, he is with some whore and laughing at me and/or telling me he never loved me. I wake up feeling that familiar pain that I felt all those years ago. It usually ruins a few hours of my next day.

I’m guessing the reason I’m having these dreams so often is that my unconscious dream brain is still trying to figure out what the fuck really happened during those 20 years of my life. Mentally, I know I’ll never know the details and I have no desire to know at this point, but how do I stop these flippin’ annoying dreams????

8 comments posted: Sunday, May 16th, 2021

Quarantining alone

Figured probably a lot of you were doing this so I would start a thread....

I used to be married to a man that I thought was my soulmate, my best friend, the person who could give me comfort. He wasn’t. He liked to fuck whores during his lunch break, I divorced him in 2015.

On one hand, during this weirdness, I think about when I used to feel safe and protected and loved and wished he hadn’t done what he did so I could feel that way again.

On the other hand, who needs to be quarantined with a Whore Fucker? Iwwwwww There’s enough concern about viruses right now that I’m glad I’m not worried about STDs as well.

So, just a shout out to those of you who are going through this on your own. We’re better off. This too shall pass. We know how to be strong.

Ps - My guess is that prostitutes are probably price gouging right now. Good luck, asshole.

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21 comments posted: Monday, March 23rd, 2020

Any movie recommendations?

Not really sure which forum to post this question in, so this seemed to maybe be the best place....

I've got Netflix and it looks like I'm in for yet another lonely, boring evening....

Can anyone recommend a movie on Netflix that is NOT centered around some great love affair? (infidelity related or not) Def don't wanna deal with sex scenes..... I just don't wanna be triggered.

Not really a sci-fi fan, but a mindless comedy would work. Any ideas?

2 comments posted: Monday, December 26th, 2016

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