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"This wasn't about you. Or your looks. Or hers. There was no contest and she did not "win." He's just insecure or an asshole or an insecure asshole." Plan C.


Does anyone have WhatsApp? Are accounts on there by phone number or Username?

Is it possible to search for WH on there?

I know that he has received texts from people that have a little photo on the left hand corner and says "last seen on" but there is no icon or program identifier so I can't tell where/how these texts are coming from ...

9 comments posted: Monday, February 9th, 2015

Installing spyware on Samsung Galaxy 5

Ok, well apparently it's time to put the spyware on the phone. Another unaccountable time period and his new phone displays messages he has received even if the password hasn't been entered. Saw a message from someone calling him "baby would you liek to have dinner with me?"

I am wondering if I call his phone and answer it with his phone whether that will by-pass entering the password and i can have a look see onto his phone or whether it would give me the opportunity to install some sort of spyware for his android phone.

Any recommendations? Suggestions?

Thank you.

3 comments posted: Thursday, October 16th, 2014

Hard Drive Forensics

My WH has an old laptop that stopped working prior to when I became aware of what was going on and before I confronted him with his cell phone logs (note, "he denied everything - we are just friends crap". It had stopped working before and so I think there might be stuff on it.

When I try to boot it up it gives a "Boot disk error". I don't have a boot up disk for it. It's an old Toshishba Satellite model which I think runs on Win 95? Does that make sense.

Does anyone know how I can make a boot disk and/or advise on trying to find information from the laptop.

I will give more information but I believe my WH is home now.

31 comments posted: Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

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