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When people show you who they really are, believe them - Maya Angelou

BW: 43 (me) WH: 42 (him)
DD-13, DS-11
DDay 1 = 1/13, DDay2 = 7/14 (False R), D 4/15

I swear every time I think I’m healed he finds a new way...

I have a pretty awesome life. Kids are with me most of the time (dad wanted “visitation”) it’s a ton of work but I’m grateful I can support the three of us get to well and have been navigating the home schooling mess while working in the best possible way.

Ive worked past how Dr Jekyll is and actually don’t even have resentment that he has fun dad time, no costs, none of the responsibility and is financially set off the company he built with my support. I figure eventually it’s all going to end up with the kids, so who cares?

It’s pretty hard for him to get to me. Just the last few years he insisted on having kids for holidays and proceeded to wreck them in some fashion. Kids and I weathered it like champs.

This year he had them for Christmas. I had hip replacement last Monday so he had kids for extra time so my elderly parents could come care for me (COVID safety) So he had them for one whopping week of school. Of course, he traded for other times not seeing them which I was fine with.

Parents left and kids were coming back Christmas Day afternoon and they were excited never having had a Christmas morning at Dads. I was really bummed to not have any of the Christmas traditions with them but I had made my peace with it and was slowly working my way through wrapping and getting house ready for their return.

Fucking X texts me TWO hours ago and says kids will be home by 8:30. His family did their celebration on Christmas Eve so he’s dropping them off. Aka Mr swinger who has side piece #1 out of state and is flying out to see her has other plans with side piece #2 or #3 before he leaves.

So here I am covered in stitches on pain meds and trying to find/make the usual traditions come together with hours notice. Stockings, check! Family puzzle? Check. Cookies for Santa, he can have Oreos this year.

My kids will always know they come first in at least one house. But I am so sick of this POS getting away with everything.

I’m just venting and overall grateful that my year has sucked significantly less than everyone else’s and I actually WILL get to spend Christmas Eve and morning with my kids. But really? No notice? Staples down my side on 5 different drugs? I just needed a place to vent because I can’t burden anyone else with this on this just going to leave this here...


Whew, just had to get that out. I’m going to pre-eat some Oreos with a few extra surgery meds and get ready to turn on the unexpected Christmas Eve cheer.

I hope you all have a peaceful holiday (s) and stay safe and sane and healthy. We are days away from rolling the calendar.

Sending love out to the SI community, you have been my sanity check and safety met more times than I can ever count.

If you are new to this...Never forget, you are not alone. Even when you are physically alone...we are here!

Hugs to all

8 comments posted: Thursday, December 24th, 2020

Looking for an Upcoming Get Together in Northern California?!?

See the "Crack with an attitude GTG 2016" thread in this same forum. Coming up in October. Great group of people, hope anyone in the area can join!

0 comment posted: Friday, September 16th, 2016

Midnight snack here I come!!

I just found a box of Captain Crunch I hid in a cabinet from my kids.

Sometimes I forget I'm the adult in this house...

6 comments posted: Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

Are there any California G2G Planned?

I'm on the West Coast, I keep seeing posts about G2G in the midwest or East Coast. Have there been any out here? If so, how often do they happen and are there any planned on old threads I'm missing?



12 comments posted: Thursday, February 5th, 2015

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