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Still hurts, just less so.

It was just about this time in 2012 when I found out my ex wife was a cheater. In that time, our kids have grown into adults, I’ve bought a different house, gotten a nice girlfriend started a new life, etc. Its amazing when I think how much time has passed without a single day that I haven’t at least once remembered the very traumatic experience of infidelity and the wrath of a female narcissist during my divorce in an American family court system. For the damage it causes, cheating on your spouse ought to be illegal and punishable by some sort of legal penalty. That I’m still here, on this website is amazing in itself! And I read the horrifying stories on the "Just found out" forum and remember those hopeless feelings myself. I’m often heartened when I read the "wayward side" when I see waywards desperately trying to fix what they broke and not knowing how but not giving up. Doing everything my ex wouldn’t do. The ripples don’t stop either! The results of my kids having a broken home still show up here and there. They’re never coming home to see mom and dad cooking thanksgiving dinner together in the familiar family home they grew up in. Neither will our grandchildren. The consequences of cheating on a spouse are nearly incalculable when you start to realize how far the ripples travel. It’s kind of amazing that it could ever happen at all, especially with children. That there is no recourse in most states makes me wonder why anyone would get married, ever. Just my rant today. Maybe someone who is thinking of becoming a cheating asshole can read this ahead of time😂😂

7 comments posted: Sunday, November 5th, 2023

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