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The Tombstone Game Part Deux

Ok, folks! I think it’s time for another round. Last year, it was quite popular and funny as heck. The credit goes to Facebook because I’m not this creative:

Ever wonder what will be written on your tombstone?

Wonder no more.

It’s the last text message you received.

(Either at the moment you’re reading this post or wait until right before bedtime!)

I’ll kick it off:

“So, what’s new?”

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Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

I’m on page 320. I can’t wait until this Anna throws herself in front of a train and I wish Tolstoy had written it so Vronsky would go right along with her.

They are both sickening. Not much has changed with selfish cheaters in the last 200 years. I hate this book but I always promised myself that I’d read it before I die. The book might actually kill me from boredom and disdain. Ugh.

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Adultery by Paulo Coelho

Coelho is an esteemed author, having written such titles as The Alchemist and The Zahir. I usually read his books that are published in the second language I know but I've been avoiding this one for its title. It is a work of fiction.

Something told me the other day to just see what the message is. The synopsis on the back cover reads: "Adultery, the proactive new novel by Paulo Coehlo, explores the true meaning of how to live a full and happy life, and how we can juggle daily routine with the desire for something new."

I'm halfway through the book; page 115 out of 260 and so far the protagonist (who also narrates) just seems like your typical remorseless, lost, weak, sad Wayward. It certainly seems to be an insight into a Wayward's thought process that is probably accurate. It makes me wonder if Coehlo is a W.

I'm in a stage of my Inifedlity Recovery where I'm interested in learning about the psyche of a W, what makes it ok for them. This certainly seems to be answering those questions.

It is extremely triggering for those very new in their journey so I wouldn't recommend you read it until youre a few years out. I'm hoping the story will be redeemed by some kind of remorse by it seems doubtful. I kind of can't wait until it's over.

I mean, the main character just got finished thinking this to herself: "I'm a new woman. I'm in search of something that will not come to me freely nor spontaneously. He is married [note: she is too] and he thinks any step in the wrong direction can compromise his career. So, what should I concentrate on? On separating him from his wife without him realizing it."

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A Mother's Reckoning

Subtitle: Living In the Aftermath of Tragedy by Susan Klebold.

This is the mother of Dylan Klebold, one of the two shooters that perpetrated the Columbine High School massacre in April 1999. Her book is not about asking the public to forgive her son nor is it about trying to seek pity. Quite the opposite, she clearly states that there were ways of interacting with her very troubled son that she wishes she had done differently and it sheds light on the handling and stigma of "brain health" issues in the United States.

Unfortunately, I think most of us at SI will relate to her bewilderment and sheer grief when she discovers that the person she thought she knew as her son was not really who he had become, and that her perception of their relationship was far from reality.

ETA: all proceeds of the book will be donated to research on teen depression and suicide prevention.

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Printed on Your Tombstone

I got this idea from a Facebook post. It's slightly morbid in the beginning but winds up being funny.

Share with us the most recent text message you have RECEIVED. Whatever it is, will be what gets chiseled on your tombstone.

I'll go first:

"Good for u!"

ETA: to keep this going. Why not post everyday?

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