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Sprint account login

Does sprint online use any two factor authentication? I used to be able to log into our joint account from our iPad with no problem. If I log in from a different device, would that send any notification by text or email? I paid and viewed the account online, but was not main phone number on the account.

2 comments posted: Saturday, December 12th, 2020

2 1/2 yr new beginning ended

Warning.....keyboard vomit ahead. Venting in hurt and anger.

I’m angry at him, heartbroken for myself and my kids, angry at myself and feeling discarded and worthless. Ouch my friends, this hurts.

Why, why, why after this many years together and living together for 7 months were “we” not enough reason to fight, get help and figure out the problem????? As angry as I am at myself, I know it’s a him issue and not a me issue. Fucking heartbroken.

So sad to see someone you held in such high regard look you in the eye and say their other issues aren’t worth seeking help for to save our relationship. Fthatguy. You wanted this. You knew what and who we were and what safeties and boundaries I kept in place for our relationship.

I have a BROKEN 9yr old who just lost his best friend not even a year after (temporarily) losing access to his dad this year and after me being so, so, so careful about who I would let into our lives. I can only blame myself for that and that kills me friends. It just kills me that these two became so close and had such a great relationship.

Forgiveness will not come easily this time. My heart and mind have nothing but anger, resentment, rage for my kids and emptiness for being treated like I’m disposable. Funny thing is, I don’t see him contacting me in concern like he did the other ex’s in his life after their breakups.

20 comments posted: Tuesday, November 17th, 2020

Moving in together?

For those who have moved on to a new beginning relationship, at what point did you move in together? What major things were discussed before hand related to finances/contributing to home expenses? What concerns or fears did you have?

I’ve been in a great place since my 2016 divorce. Separation through divorce was just over a year and a half after a 14 year marriage. I dated a bit and had a few short almost-relationships that I learned a great deal from. I was out of those the minute I identified red flags.

In 2018 I met my person. It’s been almost 2 years that we have been together. While I’m not sure of marriage in general for myself, if I could have picked the perfect partner for myself, it would be him. We share the same values, integrity, communication, respect and honor that would make a relationship work. Had I met him in 1995, I never would have chosen to date him. That tells me how much I have come to realize what I desire and deserve in a partner. We are very much in love. We have amazing fun and intimacy as well as fun when we are together with our kids. He is a great role model for my kids and a great hands on dad to his kid. They have a great relationship. He’s just a smart, handsome, hard working, respectable and handsome guy. His divorce was finalized over 10 years ago. Since his child is no longer a minor, he doesn’t have much interaction with his ex. I love what we have so much that I’m afraid even writing about it here will jinx me!! 🤣

So back to my questions above...he is renting a condo close by. He used to live about 45 minutes from here and relocated for work and to move closer to me and his child’s university. His lease is up in August and I am strongly considering him moving into our home. Aside from the concern of what if this doesn’t last, what should I be thinking about and talking about with him? He would be on board with moving in. We have talked about it in the past 6 months. He has lived with one SO in the past and that only lasted a year before they broke things off. I should add that my kids are elementary aged and middle school age. They love him and cheer when they find out he is coming over. He loves attending sports and neighborhood things with us. I’ve met his friends and family, and I love that they see the same things in him that I do. We’ve spent a ton of time as a “family” since they met him almost a year ago.

This whole moving in together thing is new to me. I went from living at home to married at 24 1/2. Clearly too young and too inexperienced to be marrying and moving in with a narcissist with a ton of issues. Careers and finances were commingled immediately. Clearly at 44 I need help with taking the right steps and making the right choices to take the next step with my guy. Help?!?!

5 comments posted: Thursday, March 26th, 2020

Do blocked numbers show up on phone bill?

Someone on an other website has asked me for help. They want to know if a number that’s blocked on an iPhone will show up on their Verizon phone log. Also, if a blocked caller leaves a vm does it automatically end up in the deleted messages log?

3 comments posted: Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

Can someone search a number

I have a number I am hoping to have searched. I have called and a man answered but I’d like to know if he’s a food delivery driver or what 🙄 Please pm me if you can help

1 comment posted: Friday, May 17th, 2019

Instagram account

My STBXH has a private account and I need to be able to get a screen shot of some recent pics. He is on a vacation with a possible GF etc and he booked this trip with marital funds. I want to confirm who he's with...I didn't ask details, but he informed the kids he was going away with "friends". He's in contempt right now and has been summonsed to court for selling a marital asset and closing accounts.

Does anyone have a profile there who would be willing to add him and let me know who he's posting pics with? I know he's had plenty of female friends and could care less. This time I need proof that he's taken someone else with him on "our" dime.

I don't have the time to set up another account that looks good enough for him to follow. He tends to follow fitness pages, body builders, models, and skanky looking girls lol.

4 comments posted: Sunday, October 25th, 2015

Burner phone ?

Does anyone know of a pay-as-you go cell phone where I can buy the phone and a card in person WITHOUT having to provide a name or address to activate? I know walmart/target sell lots of these but don't want to be associated with the number. I don't plan on doing anything illegal lol. Just looking for a second phone number.

2 comments posted: Friday, September 5th, 2014

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