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Retired & now in 60's-M 39 Yrs-DD 2013-TT for 3 yrs (new details incl there had been 3 more MOWs)--all this started with porn use for mid 50s WH (felt he was possessed)~~Cheating and aftermath is huge time waste with high opportunity cost~~

Vehicle license lookup

We are being stalked by the MOW for years now. Anyway yesterday I was able to get a license tag for a suspicious truck which parked near my house for a few minutes. The person had the driver door open and had a view of our back yard where my fWH was working with a friend. I couldnt see the driver. They sped off I believe after they saw me at the window with a camera pointed towards them. But the truck returned today and parked further down the road for awhile.

So does anyone know of a reliable way to look up car owner by license tag?

(We are gathering evidence and keeping a log for potential stalking charges in the future if things escalate.)

6 comments posted: Saturday, May 28th, 2016

MyLife question

I routinely search OW name screen names etc to keep tabs on the bunny boiler. This psycho has used our surname to post before and now I see OW has associated our small city with her name and screen name in MyLife.

OW lives in a much bigger town a pretty good distance so I'm leary she may be ramping up. These people are twisted.

Anyway if I just open the link will MyLife notify OW that someone has looked her up and tell her a location?

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0 comment posted: Friday, March 27th, 2015

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