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Got the keys for my new apartment!

Finally got the keys for new apartment this weekend. I wasn't having a very good day when we went to get the keys. WH had to co-sign the lease so he had to go with me. I was feeling really really sad, but today I'm a little better.

I have a lot of work ahead of me. Move everything, organize and make the place a home.

Interesting things happened recently. WH started to treat me really nice so I new something was up. He never treats me nice unless he wants something. I believe it was because he just got the news that his son that lives with us will start a new job far away with lots of traveling which means WH will be watching our toddler granddaughter on his own a lot and he probably wants my help. I love my granddaughter to death but I will not be used by him as a babysitter when he needs a break.

Another interesting development, WH had a family member working at his company. He was the one that got her this job last year but it turned out she was an awful employee and she just got fired. I believe this made him look really bad there although it isn't really his fault. The OW he is having an EA was using his family member as a way to get close to WH. I noticed that a while ago that she was forcing a friendship upon her and when I heard that she was fired I secretly laughed so hard.

Also the OW will be moved to another company location in about a month. She will be in the same town but a totally different location. They will be probably visiting each other's location but they won't be at the same location anymore which also made me laugh secretly.

Another new thing is that WH will be receiving a very large amount of money as a gift. This money was supposed to be an inheritance but now it will be part of sort of a trust and and he will get it as a gift from my understanding. I don't believe I have any right to this money but I'm thinking about to speak to a lawyer about it to make sure. But even if I have any part on this money it kind feels wrong for me to have any part on it. I don't know.

9 comments posted: Sunday, May 8th, 2022

I'm terrified to be on my own

I went to see an apartment today. I'm terrified to be on my own. I have no friends and no family here and I didn't want to commit a whole year, I wanted to move away from this area in like 6 months.

I have no children, no roots, I can go anywhere but wherever I go I'm alone.

A small part of me wants things to go back just that way they were so I don't have to go through this. It is so painful and uncomfortable but I have to keep pushing. I have no choice.

This is so hard.

36 comments posted: Wednesday, March 16th, 2022

How is going for you WS after Divorce?

I apologize if there was another post like this. I searched and couldn't find.

I'm wondering if a cheater can ever change. I guess if they do a lot of work on themselves they could but does the majority of them do that?

To do something like this in my opinion you have to have a character flaw, lack of empathy, selfishness and on but obviously they don't think so. Most of the time they think this is anyone's and anything else fault but theirs.

I was the other day reading through the Wayward Side post and I was in a bit of shock about some of the things I read, like they really believe they had the right to do betray their significant other because they were in love, or because they weren't happy.

I understand people fall in and out of love but lie, cheat, deceive and betrail are choices.

Well sorry about the rambling, I have no one to talk so it helps write here. Anyway my question is, are them horrible people that can't ever become better people?

24 comments posted: Tuesday, March 8th, 2022

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