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Free the Tip!

Recently some of you may have become aware there has been a movement afoot fostered by right-thinking young women to Free the Nip! They have walked around with signs, sans a shirt, to raise awareness about the sexist treatment of society toward women's nipples. Why should men be able to show off their nipples at the beach, at the pool or just in general, when women can't? This sexualization of women's nipples, which after all are for feeding the young, is confining, oppressive, and the result of an overly patriarchal society bent on keeping women in their place. This is wrong!

while some may say that focusing on this when there are wars all over the world, starvation, land mines killing children, racism, women being decapitated or stoned for perceived sins against some religion or another, rampant loss of the rainforest, environmental degradation on a world-wide scale, global warming (although a lot of people still like to argue about that), degradation of the family unit; is primarily a first world problem. I disagree! I think it's great. Being of Scandinavian descent, where women frequently wander topless when the sun comes out, and having spent a lot of time on European beaches where virtually everyone goes without a shirt, i find it refreshing and late in coming!

By all means, free the Nip!

But that's not what this post is about. No! This is about an even more egregious shaming. That of hiding the Tip! Why should the tip of the penis be regarded a sexualized thing of shame that needs to be hidden from society? Why indeed?

Because of this belief, I've designed a pair of pants that exposes just the tip of the penis. They kind of look like chaps, but not really. Just a hole where you can place the tip of your penis. While I don't expect older gentlemen such as myself to take advantage of this new style, after all, we don't want anyone to lose their lunch. I think younger, more stylish bravos may take advantage of it. The advantages are multiple. One the one hand, you no longer have to unzip when you go to the restroom. On the other, you are bringing out of the oppressive shadows of sexism an appendage that has been needlessly, and evilly, sexualized. The penis is primarily an instrument for elimination, something that all of us need. Why should it be sexualized?

Perhaps after freeing the Tip has caught on, we could all go around without pants altogether. After all, our ancestors never felt the need to wear clothes, until the pleistocene at least. Granted they all had a lot more hair than us....

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