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Me 53 WH 58 Married 25 years 4 children S30,D24, S23,S21 D-Day Nov. 29, 2011 15 year affair with married employee. Together trying to make sense of it all!

iPhone call history on dashboard

I just discovered something which may be helpful to some.

I have s one year old Honda with a built in hands-free feature for my iPhone. (It may work with androids too). I am able to access my contacts and see my call history, including sent, received and missed calls.

My H uses my car sometimes, so has programmed his phone to it also. He was home yesterday, and when I pulled up in the driveway, a notice appears on my dash saying that his phone was now connected, due to his close proximity. I was able to see the last 10 or so calls.

I am probably not explaining this very well, but hope it may be of use to someone.

0 comment posted: Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Heads up on "Find My iPhone"

I track my WH 's whereabouts occasionally still. Especially on Fridays because my son is not with him on this day.

Today I checked where he was after an appointment outside the office. He headed straight back to the office so I felt at ease.

Just now, he forwarded an email message to me from Apple Support advising him that.........

Dear ?........

Your Apple ID (.."......................"..)was used to sign in to the Find My iPhone app on a new device.

Date and Time: September 26, 2014, 12:18 PM EDT

Device: iPad 2

If you recently signed in to the Find My iPhone app, you can disregard this email.

If you have not signed in to Find My iPhone recently or you believe someone may have accessed your account, go to My Apple ID ( and change your password as soon as possible.

Apple Support

My Apple ID | Support | Privacy Policy

Copyright © 2014 iTunes S.à r.l. 31-33, rue Sainte Zithe, L-2763 Luxembourg. All rights reserved.

I have never known this to happen before. Is this something new? Is this therefore a tool we can no longer use?

9 comments posted: Friday, September 26th, 2014

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