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Need help/ suggestions... my fingers have been asleep/tingling for 3 weeks

Shortly after Thanksgiving I noticed a slight twinge in my neck, shoulders and back when I leaned forward or other position changes. One the way home from work the 2nd day, I noticed the tips of my fingers on my left hand were numb (thumb, index, and middle finger). The next morning, I was in excruciating pain every time I tried to turn my head or move my arms. By the time I got to work I was in tears and unimaginable pain. The pain felt like I had hit my funny bone but I felt it throughout my entire left arm and it was a constant pain that increased even more when I would try to move my head. Also, the numbness started moving up to my wrist.

I went to a chiropractor and they were able to reduce the tingling/ numbness (it had been slowly progressing up my hand and was at already up to my wrist) back to the 3 fingers and I was able to sit without constant pain. They said my fourth rib was out which was causing the muscles to tense. Then I went to a masseuse and they were able to get the shoulder/back/neck pain to stop. By that night I had a bruise from the top of my arm all the way down to my elbow. The pain in my hand still hurt so I went to urgent care (around 7 pm) where they stated that my fingers' numbness were due to carpal tunnel syndrome, my back pain was more than likely either psychosomatic response to depression or a strained my rhomboid muscle. By the time I was at urgent care I was having muscle spams in my back and arm. They gave me a steroid shot and a special splint to wear on my wrist in the evenings.

The splint made the pain worse and caused pain in my forearm. I went to my primary doctor- they said it definitely was something going on in my back and that I might have carpal tunnel syndrome that was made worse by the back/neck pain but it wasn't the origin of the pain. They had me get x-rays of my shoulder, neck, and upper back. The x-rays showed that I have early stages arthritis in my neck and back but didn't show anything else out of the ordinary. I was prescribed prednisone and a muscle relaxer. I was given a referral to a neurologist for a nerve study. The nerve study results showed no nerve damage, it is not carpal tunnel syndrome, and it is more than likely a pinched nerve between my C4 and C6.

My 3 fingers still feel like they have fallen asleep and are just waking's a constant tingling feeling and when I touched anything I have sharp pain like being shocked and I can't feel anything else because they also feel numb. Sometimes it will get really bad and it feels like someone hit my fingertips with a hammer.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had this experience. IF you did, what helped them? Or if anyone can recommend some exercises or really anything that could possibly give me relief.

I'm pretty sure there is some kind of compression of the vertebrae in neck area. I can feel a sharp lighting like pain travel down my neck, arm, and ending at the tips of my fingers.

I have been told an assortment of things of what I can do going forward for relief: get an MRI, surgery, physical therapy, massage, chiropractor and/or even pain management.

The bills are racking up (I don't have "insurance" it's a medical expense sharing plan barf ) and I am tired of being in constant pain. I do take muscle relaxers every night... it doesn't stop the tingling but it prevents it from getting worse again. I'm exhausted and tired of being in pain. Any suggestions/recommendations would be greatly appreciated/ helpful.

5 comments posted: Thursday, December 21st, 2023

What are your favorite movies and tv shows?

Another post made me think that we can help each other find new shows and movies to watch.

What genre of shows do you like?

What are some shows/movies that you really liked?

What are some shows/movies that you completely disliked or had to stop watching several minutes or halfway through?

I'll start.... I love scary movies these days, Pre-Dday the I have never seen a Friday the 13th movie or Halloween, Mirrors and the grudge scared me after watching those 2 I had my exh check the rooms before I walked in. I couldn't stand to see the bathroom mirror from my bed. And yes, I to pull the shower curtain back to make sure someone isn't in the shower. From either that anti-pressant or the depression they don't scare me or make hard to sleep at im

I like the scare and startles but none of the overkill of gore.

I like mysteries, psychological thrillers, who-didits, romances, revenge, some science, law order, dark

39 comments posted: Friday, March 4th, 2022

Just so weary

I’m just so weary and worn out. Work has been rough for the last year. We have been short handed and haven’t been able to get anyone to show up once they have been hired. I normally just "assist" 3 people but I have been assisting 10 for over a year. I have a heavy workload because I multi task and do a good job. I have been working they lunch or taking home work (I’m salary so I don’t get paid overtime). There’s just too much work for me. The company is nice and are family oriented but I work with a majority of men and they have wives at home taking care of their kids.

Meanwhile in my house the kids have been picking on each other… and me. I really wish I had someone to lighten my load or even talk to. Thanks for letting me vent.

8 comments posted: Thursday, March 3rd, 2022

Does anyone suffer from sleep or death anxiety?

Some background, there was a funeral I went to as a child that was traumatizing. During college both of my grandmothers died a month apart At one of the viewings, I "saw" my grandmother sit up in her coffin and stare at me. I knew it was a hallucination later but it felt so real. I had nightmares for months of her telling me that I killed her.

Death scares me and the thought of being buried alive. I can’t stand to be in the same room with a dead body. I was hysterical at my grandfathers funeral 14 years ago. After DD, ptsd has really heightened my death fears/anxiety. Starting about 7 years ago I started having frequent nightmares that someone was trying to kill me. Or I wake up with the feeling that someone is in the house and is going to kill me.

Since the pandemic, it’s gotten worse. My line of work was exempt from the stay home orders so I would just go to work and come home without really talking to anyone. My kids’ schools were closed and since I was working they went to stay with their dad for almost 3 months. My dog died right before the pandemic started so when the kids are gone I’m completely alone. There have been numerous people that I personally know die in the last 2 years.

I tried to comfort myself by telling myself that death is just like sleeping… it’s peaceful. Well that caused extreme sleep anxiety now 😩

I started to have panic attacks in my sleep. I would wake up with incredible chest pain, rapid breathing, fight or flight feeling and a sense of someone was in the house. Another time as I was laying in bed, I heard a whooshing sound in my ears, I could hear my heart beating/ pulsing in my ears and felt the blood leave my extremities. I had the sharp pins and needles feeling and unable to move for over 30 minutes. I have a hard tile going to sleep… my heart starts to race and I get anxious.

I’ve talked to a doctor once I started getting the panic attacks at work. I’m on antidepressants and sleeping pills.

My question is anyone else going thru the same thing with death or sleep anxiety? What has helped you? How do you cope? Does therapy work?

9 comments posted: Wednesday, February 9th, 2022

Suggestions for mystery/ thriller authors

I'm running out of books by my favorite authors. I need some suggestions. I enjoy reading the following:

Patricia Cornwell

James Patterson

Mary Higgins Clark

Iris Johansen

What's your favorite mystery author?

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Stupid picture Friday

183 comments posted: Friday, March 20th, 2015

Fun activity with the kids

So a friend of mine told me that when you open the package of a bandaid you can see a small glow or spark. I went through a lot of band aids (with the kids)

It was really fun but we had a lot of band aids without wrappers. Last week I discovered that breathe right strips when opened can create a blue light/spark. and the best part is you can close the package and open it over and over again and you can still get the spark/light.

What are some fun things you have done with your kids?

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Stupid picture friday

78 comments posted: Friday, March 13th, 2015

Stupid Picture Friday!!!

130 comments posted: Friday, February 20th, 2015

Stupid picture Friday

119 comments posted: Friday, February 13th, 2015

Stupid picture Friday

128 comments posted: Friday, December 5th, 2014

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