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My life - legit or scam?

Has anyone used the website "mylife"? Trying to verify if someone I met is divorced as he says or still married.

1 comment posted: Thursday, May 9th, 2019

Greater DC/Baltimore g2g - May 7

A few of us will be getting together for a potluck in Frederick, MD on May 7, 2016. If anyone would like to join in, we'd love to have you!

Please post here if you're interested in joining. Time and location will be distributed via PM for safety reasons.

Potential Attendees:










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Nor Cal Jan 9th g2g- Pics Start on Pg.4

I'm passing through norcal (a non SI friend got very upset that I called it central CA this week on Facebook) in January. Jrazz and jpapa have been brainstorming and I think rounding up some folks to meet up! We'd love for others to join us.

We're going to get dinner in SF on January 9. Who's in?





3kids30 +1



Nice Guy SF

Gaby Baby

I'm awesome still

Anna new




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Victoria trip photos

Last one for today


Inside the parliament building

A random door

Pirate ship????

Street musicians/comedians

World's cutest taxi

Looking across to Washington

7 comments posted: Thursday, June 25th, 2015

Vancouver trip photos

another trip!

Suspension bridges, cliff walks, and canopy walks.

Beach at sunset

Wild river otter in the Beluga enclosure at the Stanley Park Aquarium

Jellies at the Stanley Park Aquarium

Stanley Park fisheye

4 comments posted: Thursday, June 25th, 2015

Hong Kong trip photos

I am way behind on sharing travel photos here! I went to Hong Kong for a few days, and now it's one of my favorite cities.

HK Disney!

Taking the cable car up to Ngong Ping

Big Buddha

Hundred pound incense

Tai O Fishing village on stilts

Koi pond

Rainy skyline

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anyone from Vancouver or Victoria?

I'll be in your neighborhood and might be able to swing a g2g dinner or something. Also looking for tips of touristy stuff to do.

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More travel photos (pic heavy post)

Many of you know that travel has been a huge part of my New Beginning. I live and work abroad, so it's a little easier to work into my schedule, and I can piggy back on work flights to make vacations more affordable, which has been a huge blessing.

Last month, I got to go to Istanbul and then stopped in Germany for the Christmas markets in Frankfurt and Heidelberg. I wanted to share a few pictures - but I can't choose just a few, because I literally took hundreds in each city, so I'll share more than a few instead.

First, Istanbul.

Galata Tower

Topkapi Palace

The bridge connecting the European and Asian sides of the city. Istanbul is (I think?) the only (?) city in the world that is on two continents!

Inside Hagia Sophia. They were renovating, unfortunately.

Hagia Sophia. Originally an orthodox church, it was converted into a mosque.

Blue Mosque

Mosaic Museum - they discovered this HUGE floor of mosaic tiles under an old building, and it was falling apart, so they used sticky paper to pick it all up and move it to a museum.

Basilica Cisterns (under ground) - cool and kind of creepy

Turkish Delight! So yummy.

Olives!!! Even yummier.

Historic castle wall, I forget how old it is. Seen from a Bosphorus River cruise.

22 comments posted: Saturday, January 10th, 2015

As much as i use it, I'll never run out of...

(Add your own - Sad can start with Yarn )

As much as i drink it, I'll never run out of tea.

I keep buying more! The latest is that I couldn't find a single box for sale online of one of my favorites (throat coat) so instead I bought a six pack... That's 96 bags!

55 comments posted: Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

divorce records in Australia

Asking for a friend:

Are divorce records public information in Australia? A friend wants to verify that a guy she met in Perth is actually divorced.

2 comments posted: Saturday, October 18th, 2014

Adventures in the Himalayas (pic heavy)

Yep, I've been traveling again. I went sightseeing around and trekking in the Himalayas. In true clumsy Ama fashion, I also fell halfway through the trek and had to go down the mountain on a pony (like, STRAIGHT down the mountain) which was terrifying. In my last four days of being stuck at a guest house with a sprained ankle, I met some lovely Aussies who looked after me at least.

Pretty, old door

I think this was a Hindu temple


Sunset from the foothills


Prayer wheels


Feeding monkeys


Mountain river




The pony who carried me down the mountain

Mountain lake

Coffee!!! after the trip, back in town, of course

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