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Need ideas to screw with H brain before I confront.

So the HS GF strikes again. 11 years ago, I caught them having an EA - worked through it (I thought). One of my conditions was never to contact her again. Just came back from a vacation and I thought we were in a good place.

However, H travels for work - I saw his texts on his laptop to her a few nights ago. They had talked earlier in the week and were texting mid-week. Texts are deleted from his phone (which proves to me he knows it was wrong), but I have screenshots from laptop. Some innocent (talking about their animals), others inappropriate (she texted a photo of a bed saying "tempted", they talked about meeting for dinner, and ended with "love you"). They talked about their "complicated relationship". Lines crossed all over the place.

I am devastated that he thinks this is ok. I haven’t figured out my end game yet, but I want to screw with his brain and make him feel guilty. Ideally, he would confess. This is where I need ideas. For example, I want to write her phone number on a slip of paper and leave it in his work bag. I want to print out "guide to divorce" and leave it on the printer for him to find without saying anything. What else? I am not ready to confront just yet.

When I am ready to blow things up, I will send a copy of the "love you" texts to her husband certified mail and see what happens. But not ready for that yet.

So smart friends. Share ideas.

23 comments posted: Sunday, May 14th, 2023

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