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Good opportunity - but may be around some of Xwh's family

A community college recently opened up in my area. They're offering a 2-year degree in the area I'm interested in (IT), and the first year would be free to me as a resident.

The problem is, some of XWH's family are involved. Our separation goes back 10 years at this point. I'm actually still in occasional contact with some of his family who were sympathetic or neutral during our divorce. However, the family members on the board of the school and pictured in some of the ads are the ones who tried to interfere in court and called me at work to harass me (again, a long time ago now.) I've had no contact at all with them or XWH for years since the divorce was nasty and custody is now done.

These family members wouldn't actually be teaching any courses there and I don't think they could do anything to jeopardize my standing; however, I assume since it's a small area that I might run into them along the way.

My heart tells me to just keep going forward with plans to move somewhere I'd like to live, stay for residency there, and then go to another community college if I still need schooling to achieve my goals. I was wondering if you all would feel the same or would tell me to suck it up since staying here for two more years and getting a free year of school makes more sense financially.

Sorry for the long post. Life has been so complicated since this all started.

5 comments posted: Thursday, January 27th, 2022

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