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WH is leading a female empowerment group at work. Wtf!


Just need to vent and get some perspective and opinions...just found this out yesterday after my therapy session, and don't know who to talk about it with.

Brief backstory: WH cheated on me (a lot) years ago, lied, I found out ten years ago, both of us spent a lot of time in counseling since.

Ugh why do these things always come up right after a therapy session? WH comes home from work last night and tells me that he’s now leading some sort of female empowerment group. WTF!

I was a bit taken aback, not sure what I said, but I expressed mild displeasure, and confusion. He's the boss at his work.

As today has gone on, I’ve become angrier. Much because I don’t know what to do.

WTF he’s says an “ally” I suppose, but I don’t know how much of an ally he’s being to me.

WTF about boundaries and all that.

WTF is he white knighting? He’s going to fix all the bad things that happen to women in the workplace?

WTF he complains all the time about how difficult his job is, and he takes on more, and takes on THIS?

Sounds like a perfect opportunity to get into some sort of trouble. With his wife or the women at work too. For older people our age, he’s fairly enlightened, but for millennials, he’s not. I think it's great he wants to help...but I'm not sure this is the way.

I will talk to him tonight or tomorrow or whenever I can get my thoughts together. I don't know what to say/how to say it.

18 comments posted: Thursday, May 27th, 2021

What is kahoot? And why is WH googling it?

On WH's Google search history, I found that he searched for:

kahoot 5:29 am

kahoot hack iphone 5:30am

The next day at 12:16 (during his lunch time) he searched again for "kahoot hack iphone"

Kahoot appears to be some sort of quiz site, but why in the world is he searching how to hack it? He doesn't own an iphone. (That I'm aware of anyway) Is this another site that can be used for evil?

He really doesn't use the search on his phone very much at all, so this really stuck out as odd to me.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

4 comments posted: Thursday, April 13th, 2017

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