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Multi-field Searchable Ashley Madison List

You can search by each of the field listed:

If you want to thank someone, thank stunnedagain who is a new user.

6 comments posted: Monday, August 24th, 2015

Multi-field Searchable Ashley Madison List

You can search by each of the field listed:

If you want to thank someone, thank stunnedagain who is a new user.

0 comment posted: Monday, August 24th, 2015

Multi-field Searchable Ashley Madison List

This is the best one I've been able to get into so far.

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Different set of instructions for the Ashley Madison "Dump"

This is from our user atreides. After the dust settles, I'll pick the best (if they're different) and include them in our permanent sticky post.


Ok those that need more instructions:

Get the TOR browser

use this onion link in the TOR browser http://yuc3i3hat65rpl7t.onion/stuff/impact-team-ashley-release.html

Next, you will need software to download the torrent.

Windows: I like deluge

there are plenty out there


the onion link downloads the torrent, open the torrent with the above software after downloading.

Once you have the files, you can use

Windows: for the files to be extracted.

Mac: should do it automatically.

after you have extracted the files, just open .dump and other files with a text editor.

PLEASE NOTE THIS TAKES A WHILE to open as each file is HUGE AND you need a pretty powerful computer.

Windows: use

Mac use textEdit.

AGAIN THESE will open but take a long time. Sublime will use a progress bar. TextEdit if your computer cannot handle it will error out.

You can also change files to have a .CSV extension and use a spreadsheet to open them but likely will max and only show you a portion.

Hope this helps. files with data have a large file size, as the smaller ones are just PGP keys.

0 comment posted: Saturday, August 22nd, 2015

Best Trick or Treater

I'll start...story or whatever

My kids are grown, grandkids aren't local to us. Ding Dong. Massive group hits my door (damn I thought they'd all grown up, we're having a second wave of babies in the neighborhood)

I remark on each child's costume. Next up, little girl 7-9?? Light Blue & White Gown Dress, natural blonde hair styled in an updo.

Me: Let me guess, you're from Frozen?

Her: No (looks down, not so happy), I'm just Cinderella

Aww darn, I felt so bad, if she were my kid I would have sold something so she could be one of the girls from Frozen!

1 comment posted: Friday, October 31st, 2014

Investigative Tips and Links a/k/a Searching for Sanity

BELATED UPDATE I have taken over the caretaking of the cumulative information in this post. As I can, I will be trying to correct dead links, update information, etc. As the technology continues to change, PLEASE, PLEASE PM me if you find something vital you think should be added so that others can find it later....Thanks in advance, Oldtimer97

PLEASE - I see some great tips posted - but I can't always search for them - it would REALLY be helpful if you could PM them to me to add to this list for everyone to have in one place and so they don't get lost before I have a chance to update. PLEASE - THANK YOU!


This thread replaces the Searching thread.

After working on this every spare minute for 10 years and with many, many thanks to Momof2 for helping, the Searching Thread is has finally been redone! OK, not every spare minute. It’s been reorganized with dead links taken out and new sites and topics added.


Each topic is a separate post on the thread as listed below with the Table of Contents on the top, to be easier to search.

To find something specific - since this is such a long thread, click 'control' and the 'F' key at the same time, then enter your search term and click 'find next.'

PM if you want your name removed from credit on a link. I try to give credit where due and don’t always ask for permission.

* Please add to this list, make suggestions, report broken links or doubles or share an experience with listed links - PM or post. Don't let a great find sink, share it!

This first post is where we will add messages to you of new finds or where we need help.

Thank you!

T2D and Momof2

WARNING!: - DO NOT USE - not reliable, unresponsive, they sell franchises to inexperienced people, they get hacked and I don't want your request falling into the wrong hands. I know lots of you have used them successfully, I'm letting you know my observations - I've been here a long time and have seen them hacked often.


We are currently [January, 2013], looking for information to post on:

*Cell phones

*Tablet keyloggers/spyware



*etc. ~ anything else new & helpful (such as satisfied users) or troubling (example..apps that make texts or pics disappear w/in secs to mins)


skype [H & V]

Page 3:

- Iphones, Ipads, Ipods....

- Android Devices



What do you suggest we add?

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106 comments posted: Sunday, February 24th, 2008

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