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BS, 63 yearsD-day 6-2-08D after 20 yearsThe journey from Armageddon to Amazing Life happens one step at a time. Don't ever give up!

15 years from D-Day Today

Yes, 15 years ago today and it still makes me cry sometimes. It never stopped hurting on some level. I've learned to live with it. I've created a good life. I love my work. I love my house/land. Good friends and neighbors. No romance. No significant other. Not likely. I am 62 and very healthy and calm. I am more at peace with my life than I have ever been before. I'm proud of myself.

I'm sorry for all the pain everyone has gone through. I detest infidelity and what it does to people.

7 comments posted: Friday, June 2nd, 2023

The big fat surprise

Nutrition book on the history of the 'low-fat' diet recommendation. Sounds dry? I find it fascinating as we all grew up under this madness that has little scientific foundation or cultural background. I realize how much our lives and our health has been negatively affected by this. The Mediterranean diet? A huge PR machine supported it! How did we get to doctors recommending margarine (trans fats) for heart health. Oops! It contributes to heart disease but there were powerful forces pushing for its use. Now we have rising obesity and diabetes as a result of our fear of fat and the emphasis on carbs and so many have suffered from mistaken public policy. It's a well written book and I highly recommend it!

It makes me remember my home ex class in the 70s and 6th grade where the teachers taught us the four important ingredients: Karo (corn) syrup, artificial food colorings, crisco (trans fats) and bisquix which was a white flour mix. Industrial foods to poison your family with.

2 comments posted: Sunday, December 20th, 2015

Books on spiritual attitude by Tosha Silver

I am really liking her latest book, 'Change Me Prayers'. It's a huge step forward from the whole Law of Attraction approach to living your life in relationship to the divine, or a higher power, or God or whatever you call It, Her, Him.

She is earthy and funny and very practical. She was an astrologer for many years and has interesting stories from her practice. Change Me Prayers is about the practice of surrendering your small ego in service to your greater self. It's inspiring to me.

I highly recommend her work. I just started her previous book, Outrageous Openness. Also very good.

For someone new to spiritual life it probably wouldn't be appropriate if you are close to Dday and at the height of PTSD.

1 comment posted: Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

Quotes from Trauma and Recovery by Judith Herman MD

I found this book helpful for my understanding and recovery of abuse I experienced that was ignored and denied even though it happened in public. It also made sense for my recovery from the trauma of infidelity. Here are a few quotes:

A secure sense of connection with caring people is the foundation of personality development. When this connection is shattered, the traumatized person loses her basic sense of self. Developmental conflicts of childhood and adolescence, long since resolved, are suddenly reopened. Trauma forces the survivor to relive all her earlier struggles over autonomy, initiative, competence, identity, and intimacy.


The damage to the survivor's faith and sense of community is particularly severe when the traumatic events themselves involve the betrayal of important relationships. The imagery of these events often crystallizes around a moment of betrayal, and it is this breach of trust which gives the intrusive images their intense emotional power.


Restoration of the breach between the traumatized person and the community depends, first, upon public acknowledgement of the traumatic event and, second, upon some form of community action. Once it is publicly recognized that a person has been harmed, the community must take action to assign responsibility for the harm and to repair the injury. These two responses - recognition and restitution - are necessary to rebuild the survivor's sense of order and justice.

4 comments posted: Monday, May 4th, 2015

Outlander on Netflix dvd

Yay! I was happy to watch the first episode for free on Starz when it first came out but I don't have cable, or any tv at all, and so finally! I can watch the first episodes, 6-I think, on 2 discs. That's all they offer right now.

I was about to cancel netflix, but I'll hang on a bit for this...

Loved the first book. The others are good, but the first is great fun. Yippee!

23 comments posted: Monday, April 20th, 2015

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