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SI changed me forever (musing with accronyms)

They say once you see it you cannot unsee it... this holds true for a plethora of SI accronyms in my case.

I work in an industry that uses and abuses accronyms. One of the trending ones in the last years have been POS (Point of Sale).

Press reviews and regulatory documents will forever crack me up. Read for yourself :

POS disclosure should be free and concise: Report

One of those recommendations is that POS disclosure should be provided to consumers for free, before a sale is made. It also suggests that POS disclosure be written in plain language; that it should set out key information, such as (...) features, costs, and risks; that disclosure should be standardized to facilitate comparisons; and, that there should be clear responsibilities for producing and delivering the disclosure.

I coudn't agree more!

And you, what are the SI Acconyms you muse with in daily life?

2 comments posted: Friday, December 5th, 2014

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