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But remember, good love is hard to find . . -Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers BS - 58 Dday 03/2011 Cheater -58 Married 26 yrs DD - 23 DD -21 DS-19 A#1 2000 with married ho-worker/neighbor ow#1 A#2 2007-? OW#2 LTA- new MCOW D-2/17

How to tell obs anonymously

I was never able to tell OBS about his W and my H. My only proof was circumstancial and hard proof was on VAR (illegal).My xh was living with his drinking buddy while separated. He now has a house he bought and OW car is seen there a lot. Meaning they are still having A behind her H back.

I feel bad he don't know. He needs to protect himself and his kids.

How could he be informed anonymously, without any way being traced or connected to me?

I am sure they told him I am a "crazy"ex. And it is my XH method of operation to kinda "be friends" with the H of the woman his is screwing.

Any ideas?

Other people and co workers are aware of A, so it could be anyone that tips him

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Anyone here have a Discover Credit card? I have a question . .

I can see my WH credit card statement online. He is not living with me. I set up the account when he was still here.

He meets with his married OW at a nearby Inn for the day (not overnight, cuz she is hiding A from her BS). They meet every couple weeks I have seen.

I want to get pics, video of them meeting at this Inn for the day.


When you use your card, how long does it take for that transaction to show up in PENDING transactions.

If it shows up right away, like same day, I may be able to see it and go there to get proof same day. Would save me money on a PI that I really can't afford.

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PI costs? Anyone use one here?

I got a quote of $125.00 per hour and $00.55 per mile. Is that about average?

Just curious. Maybe I should shop around.

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Need advice, not sure what to do

I need your thoughts and advice. I am currently not officially divorced, there has been little agreed to in dividing assets. WH just keeps making demands and stupid allegations (citing my Mothers investments and assets) in the demands. Stupid stuff. My mother is ALIVE and well, she now lives with me. My attorney says what my mom's assest has has nothing to do with the D. Stupid crap he is throwing at the wall and hope somethings sticks. But I digress.

WH credit card statement comes to my email because I set it up when we were married. I have just been deleting it without looking at it for 5 years. Yes, we have been separated that long. Last month for some reason I clicked on it and viewed it. I see where he has been getting a hotel room in other cities close to were we live every couple weeks. Most times just for the day (not overnight). I know he is still in an A with married OW and they are meeting up where no one they know will see them. Her BS does not know. I tried to warn him early on but was unable to contact him and I know they (OW and probably WH) have no doubt portrayed me as “crazy, etc if they said anything to her BS at all.

I am debating weather to hire a PI to get actual proof. I don’t think it will matter in a D settlement, I am in PA, a no fault state. But I really am tired of this crap. I want to expose him. He still denies it to family and everyone. If PI can get video or whatever of them meeting at hotel, at least I have hard proof. I know it is expensive and they may not chance to get him at the right time/place.

Five effing years. So sick of him, he did a big smear campaign on me. Wrote a letter to his family, literally making me seem like a monster. awful stuff, like I MADE him go to school for a BS in Nursing (like he didn’t want to, which is total bullsh*t) and a bunch of other cruel stories that made me and my family look like monsters.

Should I hire a PI? Will it just make me look vindictive? Is it worth it. Even if I can’t use it in a D, I can expose OW and him, but will it just make me look vengeful?

PS: He is still a nurse (OW is cow) they work together.

Funny how I have not been around for 5 years and he is still a RN. I paid for his entire education He makes over twice the $ I make.

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