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The Healing Library > Articles > 'Guilt' vs 'Remorse'

'Guilt' vs 'Remorse'

They aren't the same thing.
They even 'look' different.

Guilt looks shady and underhanded. Guilt can't meet your eyes. Guilt has a "your talkin' to me but I'm thinking of something else", absentminded quality to it.

Remorse looks sad. Remorse cries without asking, "So, can we just move past this because talking about it makes me feel bad".

Remorse usually involves more action than guilt. Remorse leaves notes around the house, whilst guilt sits and clicks around different channels on the idiot box.

Remorse GIVES.
Guilt sucks giving out of others.

Remorse is done selflessly. Guilt is still screaming to be the misunderstood victim.

Guilt was/is that icky feeling that sat on our shoulders and made us uncomfortable *before* we flew right. It was there to make us realize the road was not the right one.

Once the behavior changed, it's not guilt that's whispering to you in the middle of the night. It's REMORSE.

We've all had the capacity to ignore guilt......that hurt that some of you are feeling right now???? That's REMORSE talking.

Remorse is good.

~ FinallyHappy

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