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havequestions posted 5/16/2019 14:47 PM

Out with the stbxw( a while back). At the bar she saw her friend and went to say hello. Her friend, a female, was with another female whom she introduced to my wife. Just a little backstory on the friend, recently divorced and remarried and sleeping with another man.
When my wife returned to her seat, i asked who the woman was that she was introduced to. She told me her name and that she didnít know her, except for tonight.
30minutes later, she went into a tirade about how much she dislikes that woman. She doesnít like how she acts when she picks up her kids at school, she drives around in a new Range Rover sport ( yes, she was that specific and she knows very little about cars but she knew exactly the car she drove )and acts like she is awesome.

I reminded her that she told me she just met her. She then said, well yeah but I know of her. I asked how she could be so seemingly jealous of someone you only know of and recently just met.

Her response: ď i donít know, I just donít like that kind of person.Ē
Again, she just met her.

Any thoughts on what really was happening? Iím guessing she knows much more about her than she wants to let on. Why would a person lie about something like that?

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layla1234 posted 5/16/2019 15:34 PM

Maybe that woman has cheated as well. I know that my opinion of several people has changed after I have now become a BS. I also felt this exact way about COW the whole 7 years I knew of her. I just didn't like how she barely talked to me when we were out with WH coworkers. Everyone else always made small talk and included me and she was just awkward. I guess after all these years it now makes sense. She always had a thing for my husband.

LostHope8008 posted 5/16/2019 15:40 PM

Knowing what you know about your stbxw and the friends that she keeps, it sounds like there is more to the story. Maybe she was in competition with this woman over some guy and your wife lost out. Who knows? I would stop hanging out with your stbxw as sheís going to just keep lying to you.

Triggers posted 5/16/2019 15:46 PM

Yes, the stbxw lost a competition with the other woman in the Range Rover.

Same thing happened here. It was hilarious watching WW staring at her competition, who moved into a permanent residency of WW's primary husband....

survrus posted 5/16/2019 16:09 PM

Perhaps she was jealous that the woman had affairs and got away with them.

Perhaps she was jealous that the woman will be available to you after your divorce. So she is grieving ahead of time for what she is about to lose.

She may now see all of your virtues very clearly and possibly even her own investment in you and can't stand the thought of another woman having you.

She is accurately imagining a happier future for you.

havequestions posted 5/16/2019 19:55 PM

That would be great. However, this happened before I told her I wanted a D. I think it goes back to being jealous of her because she got someone my stbxw wanted. Is it possible that someone could be so unaware that she wouldnít realize I noticed something was up?
To be honest, the other woman is far more attractive then my stbxw.

JimmyB posted 5/17/2019 13:04 PM

Jealousy or perhaps she sees something she doesn't like about that woman that mirrors something about herself?

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